NEW ZEALAND: Hunting New Zealand With Alpine Hunting


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May 20, 2011
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Just came home from New Zealand. I was hunting red stag, elk, and fallow deer. New Zealand is a beautiful country with no predators. The hunting was typical glass and stalk hunting in the mountains. The accomodations had so much food and booze that I actually gained weight hunting. I will post a few pictures
there some great trophy you got your self there well done ..I love NZ great fun can be had there and there hunter friendly .. gained some weight lol you did enjoy your self
how long was your trip did you get good value for money on the hunt
Congratulations. Great looking stag. I leave April 11. This is getting me even more pumped about going.
I really enjoyed New Zealand. We even spent the night on a dairy farm. When we got back to San Francisco my wife commented that she felt that we were now in a foreign country. They did not have a clue on how to deal with my rifle. Good thing I had a long lay over. I guess the east coast deals with more African hunters. I hunted red stag and elk cheaper than I could of hunted moose and caribou in Alaska. Sad but true.
Pre rutt way to lwaters
Great trophies ,mate
Love your wap and fallow deer
Pre rutt way to lwaters
Great trophies ,mate
Love your wap and fallow deer
Bluey, May have to come to Australia. Just never had the time to do both countries. Australia is a big country you would never see it all in a couple of weeks'
Thats a great idea,mate
Nice looking animals. Looks like a great trip. Congrats Bruce
Look forward to some more details in your report.

Fine trophies. Unique, every one.

All three animals were taken between 100 and 200 yards. The stags were roaring but the elk had not started yet. Trevor my guide ask what range I was comfortable shooting at and I said 200 yards. I have killed game at a little over 300 yards but why risk a wounded animal if you don,t have to. It is his job to get me close. We glassed the animals and judged if I liked it and then made a stalk. The mountains and terrian made that easy just had to watch the wind. I have hunted elk in the american west on do it yourself hunts and have never taken one over four points. Now I can go back to hunting elk out west for meat and then watch me stumble into a big bull.
You can stumble on the big guys for sure. I've done it and appreciate my luck when it happens.

Those Stags do have me captivated.
Were any of your animals free-range or were they all estate? My deal with my outfitter is to try for a free-range stag for a couple of days, then if we don't get one, move to the estate and I'm pre-paid for up to 325. 3 weeks and I leave, can't wait!
It was a estate hunt fenced to New Zealand standards. I did watch a stag put his head down and go under a fence. I think he became free range. Never did see the fence on the back side. It was a pretty high mountain area and when they got a big rain they had to have a few washed out fences. Where I shot my stag it was pretty steep and they used a helicoptor to get him out. The helicoptor could not pick up the elk.
Wow, what a blast. I love your stag. Would hope to get one that looks like that. I'm also going for Tahr - helicopter up and camp out overnight. Should be awesome views from the mountains to the ocean. I hope Ann can get some great sunset and sunrise pics.
Congrats on a fine trip. Your fallow deer looks fantastic. It is a pleasure to hunt a country where you can drink the water and speak the language (mostly). Is Alpine hunting on the North or South island?
That is a cool stag for sure, Congratulations!

I have heard some rumors of shipping nightmares from NZ. Like you might as well but your trophy a seat on the plane as have it shipped for the cost?
It was on the north island. They do the tahr and chomis on the south. On shipping I had the antlers split.Hope that helps.

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