NEW ZEALAND: Has Anyone Hunted With 4 Seasons Safaris In New Zealand?

Discussion in 'Hunting Reports Australia & New Zealand' started by TXHUNTER338, Jan 22, 2018.

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    I spoke with these guys at length @ the DSC this year , I was just wondering if anybody here had hunted with them ?

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    as you can see by my avatar I have been to NZ both north and south island. Looked at website of 4 seasons they seem to be a operation that pays to hunt on ranches (called stations in NZ).
    the big stations control most of the land and also the access to a lot of the public land. I hunted with Glen dene which is one of the huge stations run by the 3rd or 4th generation owner, Richard Burdon he had any kind of critter you wanted anyway you wanted. AKA everything in NZ comes with a price on it kinda just like south Africa. Hunting isn't all that hard and the game basically a sure thing with Richard as he raises red deer aka stags by the thousands. he has high fence and free range, if it is huge believe you me it is inside the fence! yes red deer are a major business in NZ by the millions they sell the antler velvet, the antler powder to the chineese and the meat to the Europeans. they pay govmnt guys shoot tahr from helocopters as cull vermin as they have no predators. Richard and/or his family virtually own lake Wanaka the mtns between it and the lake on the other side and most everything for miles, 4 season would be an outfit that would have to pay him to hunt if he would let them.
    all that said go to NZ visit both islands and please take wife and family it is beautiful and Kiwis are awesome folks. send me a PM if you want I can give you Richards info he will most likely be at SCI in vegas.

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