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Welcome to AH! Quite a collection of big bores you have.
Hello Bigborefan1989,

Khomas Highland Hunting & Fishing Safaris of Namibia, welcomes you to the greatest forum on earth.

I too love large bore rifles ….. full disclosure —> actually, rifles in general.:unsure:
Below are 3 pictures of my .458 Lott.
It’s a rebarreled CZ 550 Magnum action, with Model 70 type “safety” lever, reinforced CZ factory stock, Pachmayer Decelerator anti-recoil pad and Recknagel express sights.
The barrel is either Lothar-Walther or Pac-Nor, at 23.6” length.
I’ve forgotten which brand by now.
This rifle weighs 11 pounds.

Even loaded down to 2125 fps, it is very powerful and shoots clear through every paper target that I’ve tried it on so far.

When you can spare a minute, I invite you to read the hunt reports from various forum members who have hunted with Khomas Safaris, including mine.
Also, do have a look into the Khomas Safaris website.

Best Regards,
Velo Dog.
Thank you I will deff read that. That’s a really nice 458 Lott.
Welcome and we look forward to your participation!

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