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I just bought an old Winchester model 12 in 16 gauge. It had been stored in a closet for more than 50 years and was pretty rusty. Took me an hour to get the barrel off. I cleaned it up and shot a few rounds of target loads before I closed the deal, but I think I'll work it over a bit more and use it this fall for dove, quail and pheasant.

On a lighter note, after I bought the gun, I went to Wal-Mart because they actually had 16 gauge and bought four boxes to add to the one I bought for testing. As I put the boxes away in my admittedly inexpensive safe, the shelving I had for ammunition collapsed. It took me a couple hours to get everything straightened up.

My options are two-fold. Either a) I have too much ammunition, or b) I need another safe. I'm going with b.
There is no such thing as too much ammunition.
Ammo is like pennies (coins). You might always use them (it) but you can never have enough.
Model 12 in 16 gauge? I thought our family was the only one. My brother's gun, but I haven't seen him use it in a long time.
Model 12 in 16 gauge? I thought our family was the only one. My brother's gun, but I haven't seen him use it in a long time.
I'm told they are extremely valuable in good condition. This one was pitted and rusty, although it runs good, so it's value was drastically reduced. I think I'll like hunting with it.
Reminder: if you know how much ammo you have - you don’t have enough!!
Nobody ever said after a gunfight, "Man, I wish I'd had less ammunition!" - Clint Smith
I'm a huge .16-gauge fan! I own 4 .16-gauge shotguns!
Enjoy your new Winchester. Built on the 20ga frame, 16ga is the "just right" bowl of porridge in the Model 12 line-up. I'm down to 5 (3 SxS & 2 pumps) 16ga at the moment.

You have too much ammunition. Let me help you free yourself from your burden. Give me some.
Shotgun ammo is still stored outside the safe. Used the money for a new safe to buy this. Colt Police Positive in .38 S&W. By Serial No. the mfg. date is 1915. Bore is good. Will order ammo for it at LGS on Tuesday.

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Just curious, how is your 16ga choked?

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