New Scope Day - Leupold VX-6HD

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    Been eying some higher end glass for a while now to put on my Mauser M12 9.3x62 and, eventually, on my Daniel Defense Delta 308 win. Was looking at Swarovski, Zeiss, and Leica and all were very nice, but pricey. Then I ran into the Leupold's new(ish) VX-6HD line. The glass in these scopes is every bit a good as the Euro manufactures and I like the zeroing system on the turrets a lot. Street price was quite a bit less than the Euro scopes so started watching for sales. Hit a clearance sale last week and found the 2-12x42 scope for $350.00 off, net $1150 a scope, with the stand fire-dot reticle. Originally planned on spending $2000-$2500 on one of the Euro scope options just for the Mauser, so was able to get two of the Leupold's within this budget and scope both my rifles instead of just one.

    Mounted the scopes up this morning. The scopes have a leveling feature built into them which made mounting a snap. Eye relief, field of vision, and clarity of the glass is incredible. Never owned a higher end optic before, but after breaking down and spending the money on these VX-6HD's I can see why folks rave about the higher end glass, it's night and day better than the mid-tier glass I've bought in the past. Here are some pics of the scopes mounted up.....




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    Great choice! Leupold has a great warranty also. I have a plain VX-6 (not an HD it’s older) and I love it!
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