New Offer Cameroon - Roan & Buffalo Hunt Plus 4 Trophies 10 Days US$30,000 Possible Bowhunt As Well - Season 2024 Or 2025 All Included


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We are offering a deal for 2024 and 2025 season in Cameroon for Roan and Buffalo hunt for 30 000 US dollar.

Spots available : on request upon demand. We can have 2 hunters taking this deal with 1 car 1 PH.

The hunt includes:
-Meet and greet in Garoua, full board, transfer from camp to Garoua round trip (2,5-hour drive on asphalt road from airport)
-Hunting permit for 1 buffalo 1 roan and 4 group B animals
-Trophy fees for 1 buffalo 1 roan and 4 group B animals
-dip and pack shipment to Paris under customs for 1 buffalo 1 roan and 4 group B animals

The hunt doesn’t include:
-Transportation from home to Garoua/Ngaoundere
-Visa, gun permit, insurances, gratuities.
-In savannah mineral water (3,5E) per bottle, and wine list.
-Additional transfer outside of normal schedule 300E in savannah, in the rain forest cost on request.
-Meet and greet custom clearance in Douala or Yaounde, or hotel, transfer, and expenses outside of camp. Personal expenses and tips -Insurances for cancelation, travel (including repatriation for health reasons, rifles, and luggage).
-15% tax village on all trophy fees (Roan/buffalo/4 group B animals)

-50% payment upon reservation
-50% 3 months before safari starts

List of Group B animals with trophy fees in Euro :

Warthog 900 Euros
Duikers (red flank and grim) 900 Euros
Oribi 900 Euros
River Hog 1500 Euros
Bushbuck 1500 Euros
Reedbuck 1500 Euros
Western Hartebeest 2000 Euros
Western Cob 2000 Euros
Baboon 500 Euros
Spotted Hyena 1500 Euros
Python 1500 Euros
Orange Monkey 900 Euros
Civet 1000 Euros

For the hunting permit we will need :
4ID photos
Copy of the passport
Copy of the rifle ID US paper
A prescription from MD saying: you are able to hunt north Cameroon

Note: Only one of each species can be shot during the safari, female and young are forbidden to hunt (double fee will have to be paid), a wounded animal not found is considered shot and the fee will have to be paid.

Feel free to email me for more information and bookings:
Instagram : faroeast

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Our latest Buffaloes trophies !

410E477D-2919-4A08-8A4E-4E46BD847193 2.JPG
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Looking forward to hunting Buffalo with you in just over a month from now!
And us as well Andrew ! It’s going to be a great hunt !
Offer still available
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Some great looking buffalo there. Sounds like an awesome safari opportunity.
I just returned home from my buffalo hunt with Faro East Safaris, I can attest to the fact that they have buffalo, lots of buffalo and high quality buffalo. I had taken Roan in Cameroon 20+ years ago so they were not on my list, but I saw Roan daily. They also have cob, western hartebeest, waterbuck, I was even so lucky to see a serval cat one evening, then the next evening I saw a leopard at 10 yards then just minutes later I saw a civet cat. While I saw elephant tracks daily I did not actually see an elephant. Another hunter in camp was there to hunt Lord Derby Eland, he showed me a video of him having 3 very nice LDE standing not 60 yards in front of him one day. For more information please check out my hunt report I posted yesterday. Great job Romain in helping me fulfill my 25+ year dream of taking a northwest buffalo.
Thank you Andrew, it was great having you for this buff hunt ! I am more than happy that you could get such a big buffalo after 25 years of waiting ! I am sure it won’t be the last one with us !

offer still available
Upgrade possible for Lord derby eland on demand for season 2025
Buffalo pic
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made it to camp , had a big Braai last night with some awesome T-bones! ready to start the day!