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Welcome to AH sams! Are you planning a hunting trip to Africa? Enjoy exploring the site.
Sams, welcome to the AH forum!
Welcome aboard. Please tell us a little more about yourself as it relates to hunting. Things like what have you hunted in the past, what kind and caliber rifles do you own, do you reload. Do you have any thoughts or dreams of hunting in Africa? If so, what and when?
Welcome to AH.
Welcome to AH!
Giday sams and welcome to the A H forums
Welcome aboard!
Welcome! You will enjoy this site. One of the only places you can get honestly great insight and very good advice.
Welcome to AH Sams! Nice to have you as part of our community, really looking forward to your input.
Welcome to AH @bloatedfish! It is a great site, glad to have you here.
Welcome to AH
Welcome to AH !

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Hello, I'm in Pewaukee. By the 5 O'Clock club, if you know where that is.
big Eland spotted on the plains this morning!

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