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Feb 28, 2012
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Greetings! I am new to this website but have been semi-active on the "other" widely-read African hunting website since 2000.

I'm a retired Army officer; also spent nearly 20 years in the real estate business and then taught in a public high school for a couple of years. Now, at 65, I'm "retired," which mostly means I am unemployed and a house-husband, as my wife is still in the workforce.

My first trip to Africa was in 1996 when I hunted the East Cape, up near Cradock, with Southern Cross Safaris. I took two of my sons, who were in high school at the time, and they ended up shooting about half my license.

My youngest son really enjoyed the 1996 trip and wanted to go back for dangerous game, so when he graduated from college in 2002 and got accepted to law school, I took him the summer after graduation to Zimbabwe, where he killed a decent Cape buffalo and a nice sable. We were hunting near Hwange and, unfortunately, about six weeks after we left the landowner's property was seized and he and his family thrown in jail.

I've also hunted free-range hill stags (red deer) in northern Scotland and was on a televised whitetail hunt in Texas some years ago.

Two of my military assignments were in Alaska, and I was fortunate to be able to hunt there on a resident license.

I live out in the country on four acres near Atlanta; we are just 30 minutes from the airport but can (still, for a while) legally gun hunt where I live, so my hunting these days amounts to going down to the creek on the back of our property and trying to ambush a deer for the freezer. I also try to quail hunt one a year but of course even in Georgia it is put-and-take; not many wild coveys left. And then there's dove season every September, but it's getting hard to find a good shoot these days.

Guess that's about it--my good friend Terry Blauwkamp recommended this site, and I'm glad to be here.
Welcome to the forum, lot of good guys on here. Love to hear some of your stories...
Nitro Express welcome to AH...
Welcome to AH.

I second the motion about hearing your tales and seeing some pictures too.

Glad to see you are still hunting as much as you can.
Welcome to AH Nitro Express! Looking forward to your participation on the site and reading your posts.

Thanks Terry for telling your friend about AH! :thumb:
Welcome! I think you will find this forum very friendly and helpful. Very rare to have a disagreement here and when we do it's generally civil. Glad to have you here.
Hi Nitro Express,
Welcome to the forum. Your extensive hunting knowledge will only add to the value of this great forum. I look forward to reading more of your input.

Best Regards
Marius Goosen
Welcome to AH!
Welcome to AH! Where do you live in Georgia? I'm in Cumming.
We live in south Fulton County, in the newly-formed city of Chattahoochee Hills--but it is a Fairburn mailing address. We are out in the country on four acres--half an hour from anything.
I have an uncle who lives in Fariburn. Its amazing yall are so close to Atl. but turn of the interstate and in a few minutes your in the country for sure. Nothing like up my way, where its crowded all the way to the 85 / 985 split.
Welcome to the site!
Great to have you!! Welcome to AH.
Once again Nitro Welcome to AH! I am also retired Army "SGM" 3 tours in Alaska 3 in Germany and all over the lower 48, resident in Alaska for 22 years still miss the hunting and fishing and still go back there every year as my Son and his wife and 2 of my Grandchildren are still there. Enjoy the site a lot of good folks here.
Welcome to the Forum, Nitro Express !
Dear Nitro Express

Your friend, Terry Blauwkamp, can not be wrong by recommending you to this great FORUM. Enjoy the participation and discussions and sharing your opinion.

I send you a PM (private message).
Welcome to the site and lots of information about Africa.

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