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Sep 27, 2023
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Hope you’re all doing well and having a great season, wherever you may be!

Born and raised hunting fishing and trapping in a little town in BC, grandson to a grandad who made a couple trips to Africa, and always said I should go, when I grow up.

Following his tracks through life has led me to hobby of rifle stock making and dreams of hunting Africa. He made 2 trips to Africa in the 80’s, both times for Cape buffalo in Zimbabwe.

His second trip, he built himself (gunsmith / stock maker) a beautiful .458 Wm on a Mauser 98, but unfortunately the airline misplaced his rifle and he had to use his partners rifle that trip.

Iv dreamt a lot of years about taking that .458 and use it for what it was intended for, since he never did get a 3rd trip.

I look forward to poking around the site and learning more about such an adventure, thank you for having me!!

From a mountain goat addict in BC!



Welcome Decker9! For sure you found the right place with AH. I assure you will not be disappointed with the support you will find here. That is a fine looking 458 your grandad built. I sure hope you make your maiden trip to Africa soon as I can’t wait to hear your story when you get back. Besides, the sooner you go the sooner you can go back!!
:S Welcome:
Hello and welcome!
Howdy! Africa is one the greatest continents to hunt. Once you’ve been it will constantly be on your mind like an addiction
Welcome to AH! Beautiful rile!!
Good day to you! Welcome to AH!
Welcome welcome welcome
Welcome to AH Decker9! Have fun exploring the site.

Welcome to the forum! Those Mountain Goats are special. Would love to go after one someday.

Thank KMG!!

Mountain goats are such an incredible animal. The places they live and the harsh weather they live in is something else. Watching goats be goats on the side of a mountain can be pretty jaw dropping. You should for sure try and get after one some day!! The Stone sheep is another that’s right up there, but I always said, sheep hunting is for retired goat hunters haha.

If plans work out, I should be out chasing goats next weekend with my daughter :).

Another hobby / addiction, goat cams!!



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