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Apr 6, 2019
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Today was a good day, as I just picked up a 375 H&H I had built.

It’s based on a pre-64 express action, 24” Shilen Stainless Select Match barrel in #5 contour, Hi-tech fiberglass stock (almost identical to Brown Precision), Timney trigger set to 3 lbs. and topped with a Leupold VX5HD in 2-10x with Firedot reticle set in Talley rings. Fully loaded with 4 rounds, it weighs 9.3 pounds. It’s a nice balance of easy carrying and comfortable shooting. Early groups during barrel break-in were under an inch.

We’ve got more ammo loaded than we need, all 300 grain bullets pushed by 70 grains of Reloader 15 and Federal 215 primers. Velocity is about 2,400 fps based on my son’s Model 70. Bullets are Barnes TSX, Swift A frame & Cutting Edge Solids. They all group well and right near each other. I’ve also got a bunch of Federal Premium factory ammo loaded with Trophy Bonded Bearclaws coming.

Shooting between now and when we leave for the Selous in mid August is going to be interesting, especially since this rifle is going as a backup gun. My main DG rifle is a .416 Hoffman that’s almost identical except that it’s scoped with a 1-5x Leupold. My son and I will be sharing these guns as well as my .338 Winchester which goes on nearly all my African hunts.

I think this new rifle will be perfect when I’m only taking one rifle to Africa.
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Good calibre and sounds like a great setup.. enjoy your August hunt
Great scope choice. I have several. The complete build looks great and I'm sure it will function as you planned. Have a successful hunt.
Nice looking rifle! Your listed calibers are all good! Good luck on your quest!

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