Need Powder? Going to DSC/AH Dinner?


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Apr 15, 2009
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So I have a fair amount of powder that I'm willing to part with. I have enough powder of other kinds to keep my rifles loaded. These powders are ones I started with but found better loads using other powders. I could keep them as backup, but I really don't think I need it.

So I'm willing to sell these, but I'm not bothering with shipping. If you're going to the AH dinner and want any of these, we can do that there. Or if you're going to DSC but not the dinner, we could arrange to meet at the hotel I'm staying at. I'm NOT going to try and bring powder to the convention center.

Prices below are based on basically $35 a pound, which is about as close as I can remember paying for it and including our fairly high sales tax in Arizona. These prices are firm and I don't want to negotiate. I'm not trying to make any money here, if I were I believe I could ask more like $45 per lb and get it. I just want to help out anyone here on AH who needs it while at the same time not losing money on the deal either.

RL15 : A 5lb jug I've measured at 4.6 - 4.7lb, this includes the weight of the jug. So I believe there is 4lbs of powder. $145

The weights for the following are powder weight. I've weighed empty containers and subtracted that from the containers with powder in them.

IMR 7828 SSC : Two full 1lb containers, one with about 2oz. $70 for all of it.

IMR 4831: One full 1lb container, one with about 2oz. $35 for all of it.

H322: Two full 1lb containers. $70 for all of it.

H414: About 14-15oz in one container. $30

IMR 3031: One full 1lb container, one container with 15oz. $65 for all of it.
Nice of you to offer, but I stocked up some time ago and still have loaded ammo from previous hunts.
I bet you get some takers though with that selection of powders.
Snap ! if I was driving or knew anyone that was driving and lived close to Southwestern Virginia I would take you up on that RL15 !
*sigh* Wish. I. Was. Going.

Good on you to offer Phil. Happy New Year's sir.
Very cool Phil. I’m driving and attending the dinner also. I am interested but will give other members that may need the powder first dibs. If there aren’t takers, I’ll purchase it at the dinner. I’m used to being a back up plan.
H414 is now also spoken for.
Only the H322 remains.
Excellent Phoenix Phil! I should dig through my stockpile of reloading stuff as well!
My problem would be flying into the UK with powder
Oh I wish I had seen this earlier. I could have used that RL 15. Good snag on that. If anything changes I'll be at the dinner and the DSC all weekend I'll take seconds on the RL15.

Per our phone call, the H322 is also yours.
Crap. Late to the party. I'd have driven from Sonoita to Phoenix for that jug of RL-15.
My problem would be flying into the UK with powder
Surly if they can smuggle dope in you can get powder in too! Just got to be creative, maybe in a comfort animal, you could easily get a pound of powder into each chihuahua, chihuahua might not like it though!
Darn, to late also!

I need some RL15 to load for my 450 no. 2

And need some Unique for the 12 bore Paradox.

Just in case anyone has some to spare:)

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