Near That Time Again- Headed to Lake Kariba with Jacques Spamer of JKO Safaris


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Oct 14, 2016
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Well folks- it is nearly that time again-safari time that is! I’m leaving for Lake Kariba with @cpr0312 and Jacques Spamer of JKO Safaris and hunting in the Chete Safari area on the shores of Lake Kariba. @cpr0312 and I will be after a mixed bag of both DG as well as whatever Africa gives us as far as PG. And we hope to do a lil tiger fishing as well!!! Our hunting will mostly be spotting by boat as well as by land cruiser and then the traditional stalking on foot. My cameraman, as always, will be Chris Esterhuizen of Jongosi Media productions. He is a great friend as well as Jacques and @cpr0312. The idea for our safari came about at DSC this past January when the 3 of us (@cpr0312, Jacques and I were sitting at one of the booths having a “Diet Coke” when we brought up our upcoming birthdays. Both @cpr0312 and I would be turning the big 4-0 in the springtime and thought what better way to enjoy this milestone year than back in the bush of the Dark Continent. So we all made a plan and got the dates marked in and now here we are- about to set off for another epic adventure!! I also will finally get to see and enjoy Vic Falls- I’ve been close a few times but haven’t been able to see it. We fly into JoBurg and then make our way to Vic Falls where we will drive up to Sijarra area in route to Chete. We have a 10 day hunt beginning 24 September. On the way back, I’ll stay about 1 1/2 days outside of Vic Falls at the Little Gorges luxury tent camp with Jacques and Chris (@cpr0312 has to come home a day early)- will get to take a sundowner cruise on the Zambezi, personal tour of the Falls as well as bungee jump from the bridge if I want (or do the rope swing). My son who is 13 wants as his only souvenir video footage of me doing the bungee jump haha!! I’ve never jumped before but when in Rome, I just may have to- of course I will need a little Castle Lite fuel in me first!!

We have been really looking forward to this trip for both DG and some PG for some time so we will be sure to write up 2 full reports (both @cpr0312 and mine) upon our return. Cheers and happy hunting to all of the AH family!!!
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The Chete Safari area is on the Zim side of Lake Kariba
Looking forward to it my friend (y):A Rock:
Another fine adventure going to take place! Can’t wait for pictures and report!
Make it grand guys!
Make a ton of memories guys! Can’t wait for the stories!
sounds Epic !
Sounds like a great hunt, now all you have to do is get through two weeks of 48 hour days.:rolleyes::rolleyes:
Hope your not too disappointed with the falls....but very very dry at the moment.....

I’ve heard but still going to be great to see!!
Yup you are correct about that....even if you will be on the wrong side....:D

Since I’m staying at Little Gorges, a free tour of the Falls is included with my stay. But—-if there’s time on not too much of a pain in the butt- I’d like to get a temporary visa to go over to the Zambia side. If nothing else to get another stamp on my passport
Looking forward to the hunting report guys, best of luck!

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