NAMIBIA: Newbies In Namibia With KHOMAS HIGHLAND HUNTING SAFARIS & Philip Hennings


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Jun 26, 2021
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One of the definitions of "Adventure" is unknown out-come and that is how our first safari began!

Before I get into the details I would like to give credit where credit is due:

Jennifer Ginn @TravelExpress : A very professional young woman that is a pleasure to work with and handled the details of our travel like a champ. She cleared a few hurdles along the way without skipping a beat and we got our end result. I doubt you could find a better travel agent. Thank you Jennifer!!!

Khomas Highland Hunting Safaris and Philip Hennings. Wow.........Philip and his entire staff are group of genuine, friendly people that go out of their way through hard work and I believe a true love of what they do to provide an excellent safari experience.
I want to give special mention to the team I had the pleasure of hunting with: PH Issak, with 30 years of professional hunting experience, it shows. I think he becomes the animal he is stalking. PH Juan, newer to the profession and a very competent hunter in his own right, plus he is just fun to be with! Hunting assistant "Shorty" is a very hard working young man that jumps in to help as needed and the 3 of the guys working together is amazing to watch!

Now on with the story;
Due to weather related flight delays we arrived at Khomas Highlands 2 days later than planned, but we rolled with it and had a good time along the way. Anna and her husband Marius who work for RiflePermits met us in JNB and got us settled at City Lodge and on our way the next morning. My wife and I really enjoyed the people we met along the way and feel it just added to the whole experience.

To be continued...
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Good start. Go on. Dont keep us waiting!
Bring it- all of it !!!
Day 1.
PH Juan met us at the airport and we made the hour plus trip to Khomas highlands. After we got settled a bit and looked around we went to the shooting range to check the rifle then back to the lodge for some cake and refreshments then loaded up the landcruiser for an introductory drive around the land. A group of 50 or so Springbok were spotted and we looked them over carefully for a decent male but none of them were very big. A little further down the track several warthog were spotted and we went for a walk. Here's where it started to get interesting! Up a small hill and no sign of the warthogs, however there were about a dozen or so Blue Wildebeest across small ravine. PH Isaak gave them a hard look and pointed out a very nice bull, broadside at about 200 meters. Up went the sticks!

When the trigger broke it felt good but we think the shot went a bit far back, liver or stomach. Here we go. The herd took off up the hill and the bull separated from the rest of them. We followed up and he jumped out of some taller cover giving no shot opportunity. We followed on and jumped him again in the next ravine where I was able to send a few more after him as he was running. We cfound him again at the top of the next rise and I got on the sticks again trying to stick one in the shoulder to anchor him. Again there was taller cover and I did not have much to aim at. The trigger broke and he spun around about 5 or 6 times and just stood there for a second offering no shot and then made off. That was the last we saw of him despite I think 3 solid hits from the .375. Tough animals!!!

It was getting dark so we called off looking and headed back to camp confident he was laying expired on the hillide and would be found the next day. Not how I wanted the first day to end, but I was reminded " it happens to the best."
Day 2:

After a nice breakfast my wife, me, PH Issak, and Shorty loaded up the landcruiser and went hunting. PH Juan, another person and a couple tracking dogs went to recover the Wildebeest. We spotted a nice Steinbok and moved to get a good look at him. Getting the nod from Issak, the .375 barked and I had a very nice Steinbok just short of 5 inches. Woo!!!. The rest of the day was spent slowly cruising a few tracks. Had a couple stalks on Impala and Kudu that did not result in shooting but was really a lot of fun!!
Day 3:

This was to date and will probably be the greastest hunting day of my life!!!
We left very early in the morning for an hour plus drive higher into the Khomas Highlands. Before 11AM I had taken a Kudu, a Gemsbok, and a Hartmann's Zebra. Oh my god, I was in disbelief!!!

The gemsbok was taken across a big ravine at 300 yards. One shot and he rolled down the steep hill a bit. It was no small task to drive around and come in from the otherside with the cruiser. With a lot of effort on the groups part we got him up the steep hill and loaded in the back of the truck. As payment to the hunting gods we tore the side wall of a tire on rocks and had to stop and change the tire. Just an average day as a PH I guess.
I hunted with Issak a few months ago on my first Safari. Awesome hunter and he busted his butt for me. Excited to hear the rest
The rest of the hunting days we had scheduled were spent looking for Hartebeest and Impala. Multiple stalks did not result in a shot due to either getting busted by changing winds or just not finding animals Issak was willing to put up the sticks for. I didn't mind. I was having a blast!!
The last afternoon of hunting I was told that if I wanted another crack at Wildebeest I could have it. I had to think about that as the first one did not go "text book" and I was apprehensive about another round with these tough animals.

Another stalk on Hartebeest that turned out to be all females and younger animals and we were back in the cruiser. A short ways down the track and there stood a nice bull Blue Wildebeest. "What do you want to do"? Was the question. Lets go! A short stalk and be spotted us and ran off. We moved around some cover and there he stood, facing us at about 125 yds. The sticks went up and nervously I set the crosshairs in the center of his chest.
BOOM! His legs collapsed under him and I don't think he even twitched. The bullet did a complete pass through stem to stern. Rejoicing all around as the truck was brought forward to load him up.

A fitting end to a great hunt!
The rest of the trip we went with Juan to Swakopmund for a night then up to Etosha for 2 nights. I highly recommend seeing Etosha! The place is amazing with the amount of birds and animals we saw and were able to photograph.

We can hardly wait to return!!

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