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Apr 11, 2019
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I had the pleasure to both fly with Qatar Air and hunt with Namibia Safari Corporation last week and wanted to share my experience and offer both the great, good and opportunities for improvement.

First, the GREAT.

PRE-TRIP COMMUNICATION - D'Alice is the point of contact for all communications and I would be remiss for not acknowledging that all questions, problems and comments both before the trip and in transit of our trip were answered in the timeliest and most detailed of fashions.

TRAVEL (to and from)- Qatar Air out of Philadelphia met and exceeded all expectations. Gun checks were fast and easy. Service on all flights was excellent.

ARRIVAL PICKUP - an NSC representative was waiting for us and ushered our group through the rifle reclamation process quickly and easily.

THE HUNTING - as this was a free-range hunt, you won't see the quantity or diversity that you may be accustomed to in high fence concessions BUT, the PHs always put in the effort to get opportunities on our targeted species and all wish lists (and more!) were completed. In particular, my son considers the mountain zebra hunt we completed the highlight of his hunting career ... and I wholeheartedly agree. Excellent quality trophies of springbok, impala, gemsbok, kudu, wildebeest and more were taken.

DEPARTURE DROP OFF – Miranda had our group on the road early and walked us the departure process with the Namibian police and Qatar air quickly and easily. We even snuck in a last-minute shopping trip for souvenirs!

Next up, the GOOD.

ACCOMODATIONS – personally, I think they were GREAT as the significant other and I were housed in one of the two hunters suites at base camp. That being said, my son and my good friend who also joined us on the trip were housed in slightly less luxurious accommodations in the camps loft rooms (no 3rd wall or door), so that would be an improvement for them when we return.

FOOD – I gained weight during our stay, but my dietary restrictions and preferences are nonexistent. My group on the other hand was a little more picky about their meals (which was communicated beforehand) and they had to gently “remind” the staff of the documented preferences at nearly every mealtime (nothing fancy … chicken, eggs, veggies were fine for any meal). Once reminded, the staff were accommodating and the quantity and quality were fine once served.


ACTIVITIES FOR NON-HUNTERS – the Mrs. was an observer / non hunter only and in pre-trip communications, it was specifically addressed as to what activities she would like to pursue. Alas, for the first few days, there was no support staff available to accommodate her activities, which got her whole experience off to a less than stellar start (and when the Mrs. isn't happy, NOBODY is happy). When staff were available, the spa, an overnight side trip, a game drive and day trip were all big hits. Nonetheless, communication with and regarding the non-hunting activities could have been better, but absolutely improved as the days progressed.

In conclusion, I would highly recommend Namibia Safari Corporation for anyone interested in a free range safari and would absolutely return in the future.

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What airport did you fly to in Namibia…. Currently planning Safari 120 miles North of Windhoek, Namibia…


Wm. Feldner

What airport did you fly to in Namibia…. Currently planning Safari 120 miles North of Windhoek, Namibia…


Wm. Feldner

Hosea Kutako International Airport. its located just outside of the capital - You should reach out to @TRAVEL EXPRESS for planing your flights

I hunted with Jaco and NSC in 2018. It remains one of my favorite trips. I'm glad you had a good time. I look forward to returning one day.

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