NAMIBIA: Khomas Highland Hunting Safaris Hunting October 2016


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Feb 27, 2015
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Well in a couple of hours I will be heading off for my first hunting trip in Namibia for 12 days hunting the following

Red hartebeest
I might be a little excited

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Exciting times! Have a great trip! Look forward to the report
Lookk forward to your hunt report. Shoot straight and have a great time. Bruce
I want to see all the pictures from this one.

Good luck.
best of luck,awaiting pics and story.
Best of luck!
I am very envious !!
Best of luck and hot barrels .
Cheers Dory .
Awesome!!!!! Have fun and enjoy every second of it.
Have a great hunt. I look forward to reading your hunt report.
Well in a couple of hours I will be heading off for my first hunting trip in Namibia for 12 days hunting the following

Red hartebeest
I might be a little excited
and rightfully so - good luck!
Best of luck! Go get em!
Good luck! Excited to hear your report. I'm booked for a hunt next year with Philip!
Alright, go get 'em!
So having left home on the 3rd of October and two uneventful flights later I arrived in Namibia on the 4th October cleared immigration in double quick time Philip was waiting in arrivals and after sorting out a sim for the phone we left for Windhoek where Philip suggested we had lunch. After the airline food it seemed like a great idea after a nice lunch of oryx steak and a couple of drinks we left of the khomas highlands property heusis farm which Philips father owns and run as a cattle ranch after an hour of tarmac and dirt roads we arrived. I got settled in and went for a nice cup of tea where we came up with a plan of action I was using one of Philips rifles a sauer 202 in 300wm with fitted moderator so after a few test shots on the 200 meter range Philip was happy and suggested we go for a little drive around as there were some leopard baits to check there were lots of game around Hartebeest, wildebeest, kudu, springbok , steenbok and all looking relaxed. as we began to climb into the mountain area I spotted a rather nice warthog Philip agreed and asked would I like to take a closer look so we decamped from the bakkie and set off road the hill side in pursuit. ten minutes later not having located him we retuned to the bakkie and continued on our way. Then after about a 100 meters we rounded a bend and there on the track stood the warthog we came to an abrupt halt bailed out and set off in pursuit to see this old warthog disappear at a rate of knots down the valley and then over the horizon and gone. We then drove on to a sight where a leopard had killed an oryx . as we arrived we spotted some more warthog and there was also a nice one, so off we went again they were travelling along the side of the valley near to the ridge and I had difficulty in spotting them grey warthog look a lot like grey rocks so Philip suggested we move so I could get a better view we moved around and up the valley , when I could make them out we set the sticks the warthog was facing us at a slight angleat 140 meters , I aimed a bit to far back to avoid hitting the head and squezzed the trigger, I thought I missed Philip wasn't sure either but victor the german intern/help thought he heard the impact as he was still at the bakkie. So we took Philips dogs and headed up the hill to where the warthog had been we were looking for signs of a hit when Atar the tracker found some blood and then the dogs took off as we turned to follow there was a huge commotion about 60 meters away just out of sight in a dip in the ground was the warthog with the three dogs I gave the gun to Philip to finish off the warthog, mainly because with the dogs close proximity, unfamiliar gun it was the sensible thing to do. so on my fist afternoon in Namibia I took my first animal a fine warthog sow also my first warthog so back down the hill for photos

It was now getting dark so after a quick look for the oryx kill we gave up and returned to the lodge for beer and springbok roast not a bad start for the first day
I forgot to mention that 20 days out from this trip I got a serious infection I my knee joint quick intervention by the doctor a mri scan big doses of antibiotics and anti inflammatories lots sitting round with the leg up and after several e-mails with Philip to discuss options two days away from departure i took the decision to go for it .
Nice pig
great start! Can't believe that was a sow. Really heavy for a sow. Did you see a lot of good warthog while you were there?

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