NAMIBIA: Eintracht Jagd Safaris 2019


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Mar 28, 2018
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We finally pulled the trigger on a lifelong dream of going to Africa! We talked to a lot of outfitters and decided on Eintracht Jagd Safaris in Namibia with Pieter Delport. I have to admit I was a little nervous being my first trip over and what to expect.
We arrived in the morning and we were picked up at the airport in Windhoek. Afternoon came and we were already on the hunt. We didn't find anything the first afternoon worth pursuing. The amount of game animals was just amazing!
Scott and I were hunting together the first couple of days since we came in a day early and Pieter had another hunter to finish up with.
Day 2 Scott was able to connect with a nice Oryx and I was able to connect with a Blue Wildebeest, we were off to a great start! Ben Van Wyk was our PH during our hunt with both of us hunting with Ben and Pieter off and on. Pieter has a lot of land that he is able to hunt. It took me all week before I figured out where we were going.
Day 3 I was able to connect on a nice Oryx. We split up in the afternoon and Scott hunted with Ben and I went with Pieter.
Day 4 I went with Pieter in the morning I was able to connect a good Springbok. I missed my first shot but was able to connect on my second shot. Getting used to the sticks to some time for me since I wasn't used to it.
Scott was able to connect a really nice Hartebeest.
Day 5 I went with Pieter again and in the morning we were able to stalk in on an Impala after I missed on another Impala earlier. I got lucky and this ended up being a nicer Impala than the one I missed. We got on a really nice cow Oryx but I wasn't able to get a shot off. That evening I was able to shoot a Warthog for the bait tree as Pieter had a leopard hunting coming in a few weeks.
Day 6 We went to the mountains for Kudu for both of us and Zebra for Scott. Scott was able to connect on a Zebra in the morning and in the evening I was able to connect on a Kudu right before dark as it left a water tank. It was amazing how these animals can blend right in. I was pretty pathetic versus Pieter trying to spot game before he did. These guys are really good at spotting game and tracks. I couldn't believe how well Pieter and Ben could track animals also.
Day 7 Scott was able to connect on a nice Kudu bull also and in the afternoon we went back to Pieter's ranch.
Day 8 Scott and Pieter went to hunt Eland on a neighboring ranch about an hour away and they were able to take a nice old bull. I went with Ben and we found a really nice Hartebeest and I screwed the shot up and hit it as it was quartering towards me but I didn't connect with any vitals. We tracked it until dark and came back the following day and followed the tracks on the neighboring ranch but couldn't find the Hartebeest. We put a good stalk on another Hartebeest but couldn't get a shot off before it ran off. We did find a third good Hartebeest and I was able to connect on that after a really good stalk.
Day 9 Scott and I both connected on Warthogs. I had gotten a broken one in the morning and in the afternoon I did get a nice Warthog. We saw a lot of Warthogs!
Day 10 Pieter and I went out for one last try before I would fly out. We were able to get three Oryx for meat for the local rancher
I can't thank Pieter and Ben enough for a great hunt! I can't wait to go back and hunt with Pieter again! I wasn't sure what to expect, but after a half day of hunting I knew this was the perfect place for me to hunt. I had my list of a few animals that I was hoping to get and added a few more while I was out hunting. The food was great and the lodging was perfect for me as well. Well now I'm in the planning of going back!!!
Sorry I don't have all of Scotts pics either but will post what I have.

Blue Wildebeest.JPG
Brad Oryx.JPG
Brad Red Hartebeest.JPG
Brad Kudu.JPG
Brad Warthog.JPG
Scott Oryx.JPG
Scott Kudu.JPG


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Pieter runs a great outfit. I hunted with him last year. I hope to get back in 2021. You won’t find a more honest and hard working guide/owner. Crazy good spotting and tracking skills.
Congrats on your hunt sir!! Thanks for sharing!
Excellent first Africa adventure! You did well! I have heard nothing but good things about Pieter Delport.
Congratulations on the fine trophies and thanks for sharing with us!
Congrats on your hunt, and thanks for sharing !

That is an exceptional warthog :D Cheers:
Congrats on a successful Safari. Thanks for your report
Congrats! Great photos
Go Cubs!! You took some fine trophies! Pieter is one of best has great places to hunt. I also hunted with Ben several years ago. On my first bow safari very good guy to hunt with
Great trophies. Tell us a bit about the rifles used and the accommodations. Thanks.
Congrats on a great hunt!!
Thanks for the report. I'm heading to Namibia in a month and am looking forward to it with great anticipation.
Congratulations on a successful hunt!
What route you take to get there? Airline etc...
We used @Travel Express as a travel agent. We flew KLM from Chicago to Amsterdam and then to Windhoek. With the paperwork that Travel Express gave us, it couldn't have been easier. We didn't have any problems traveling with our rifles.
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@Mudslinger77 nice kudu im thinking bout taking another one next year with pieter. Its my favorite animal to hunt unfortunately i doubt ill ever beat my first one at just shy of 60”. Do ya know how big your heartbeast was?
@Mudslinger77, do you have any pictures of the lodge or the countryside? Just wondering what It all looks like.
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