Namibia Communal Area Conservancies

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    Namibia Communal Area Conservancies
    by L. Chris Weaver and Theunis Petersen


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    Namibia has put in place one of the most innovative conservation management programmes in Africa. Through the years, Namibia has developed and instituted a number of incentive-based laws which have successfully inspired recovery of wildlife populations on private lands, and more recently, on communal state lands. Consequently, both private land owners and rural communities (who form communal conservancies) are now integrating the management and sustainable utilization of wildlife into their production strategies. A fundamental factor in this conservation movement has been the contributions of the trophy hunting industry. This paper describes the visionary legislation for hunting and conservation as well as the practical terms of community based hunting, and how this success became real. The contributions of the hunting industry bring benefit on many levels of society and nature but the article also shows the future challenges of this approach.

    Download the entire article at View attachment 2799 .
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