NAMIBIA: BOWHUNT: Hunting Trip 2018 With Sesembo Hunting Safaris


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Feb 18, 2013
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here is my blog I did while I was there, hope you all enjoy.

Namibia Hunt 2018 – Sesembo Hunting Safaris

Daisy, my wife, and I made our plans to do a private photo safari with Ruan Botha, after my hunt with his outfit, Sesembo Hunting Safaris.
May 25 came quick, as I left on my trip to hunt the kudu in their rut. Bowtech destroyer limb delaminates at league a week before I leave, piss me off after I had it tuned and it was throwing darts. Had to set up my new Hoyt Carbon Defiant 34 with my hunting gear. Night before I leave, the bow is acting up and won’t shoot broadheads. Stress time! Long layover in Calgary so head to Jimbows to get the bow tuned up. Guys are awesome. 10 minutes later she is shooting bullet holes. Sight her back in and we are good to go.
On my flight from Frankfurt to Windhoek, we were flying over Angola, there was a fantastic storm below us, amazing lightening show illuminating the skies non stop. Got to Namibia early Sunday morning. Ruan and Fearika pick me up from the airport, hugs all around, great to see them again, it has been 3 years since my last time hunting with Ruan. Have breakfast at Windhoek, in a little downtown bistro. Ruan and I head to camp. We are busy catching up and making our hunting plans. Driving down the highway we pass a mower cutting grass in the ditches. We hear 2 loud bangs, as rocks smash into the side of the vehicle. Stop and check out damage. 2 large dents at the top of the front and rear fenders. A 1000th of a second difference and one of those rocks could have come thru the window and smoked me hard.
Gotta take this as a good luck sign! Used up cat life # 5 lol.
Stop at Ruan’s house in Otjiwarongo, where Fearika has her dentistry practice, pick up some hunting gear and head on to camp. I grab a quick snooze on the way and we are soon heading down a gravel trail to camp. Beautiful spot built high in the rocks. My tent overlooks the open plain and a waterhole.
Scenic view.


Meet all the staff and Ruan’s mom the cook. Get unpacked and settled in. Love the tent camp setup and “feel” of the place, nostalgic old style Africa. Sight in the bow. # 1 arrow was off so rechecked all arrows, #2 is the new top shooter, 5 out 6 are darts, dialled back in and ready to roll. Do an evening drive to check a few spots, see 3 giraffes and a warthog.
Have a great supper of oryx fillet mignon, barbecued on hot coals, absolutely delicious Cheesecake dessert was to die for. Ruan’s mom is a fantastic cook.
Sit around the fire sipping Ron Zacapa rum on the rocks and catching up with Ruan.



Off to bed at 10. Hear the hyena howling at 3 am along with other night sounds. Good rest and up at 6 to start the day. A quick breakfast and we walk out from camp to our first hunting spot.
The early sunrise is absolutely amazing.


Ruan finds a couple zebra feeding in an area we can sneak in on.
Off we go. Hear the odd bray and see dust clouds where they are rolling. Get within 100 yards and see there are at least 3 animals. Sneak in and they are walking thru the trees heading to a bedding spot. We see a late straggler and set up for an ambush. He stands there for 30 minutes not in a rush to follow his buddies. Now we hear hoofs coming up behind us. 4 zebras are now 30 yards and staring at us. A slow turn to look and they get anxious and start milling around. No chance for a shot. They spook and thunder off. The straggler now begins moving and we sneak in for a shot. He is coming perfect then he looks away and something spooks him and off he trots. We follow him for a while and spot him once but he is gone. Got the ol heart pounding, great first morning, back to camp for lunch and afternoon nap. 2 hour dead sleep.
Afternoon hunt is a scouting trip through the same area. Put up blind at a watering hole for use later in the week. Drive the whole area only seen a few oryx. Climbed a couple of rock hills and glassed with no results, decision is made to head to white mountain tomorrow where I got my kudu last trip. Back to camp for a rum cocktail and supper. Have a quick shower in the open air ensuite, totally refreshed. Relax around the fire sipping rum and chewing on Ruan’s homemade beef jerky. Supper is barbecued chicken. Off to sleep at 10. Sleep till 3. Relax in bed, start my blog.
Breakfast at 630. Tea, yogurt and bread and jam hits the spot. Drive in dark to white mountain 20 minute trip. Just as we get there, we see a bunch of kudu cows, then this huge bull steps out at 75 yards, over 55 inches with a dark grey coat and mane, absolutely magnificent bull. They spook and run off.
We will be looking for him.
As we climb to the top, sunrise is cresting the horizon. Wow – love it.



Awesome 360 view from top of our white mountain. See eland herd, couple bunches of zebra, 30 hartebeest, a kudu herd with 2 shooter bulls, and a couple lone oryx bulls.


Unreal, this is Africa, the amazing sights and tons of animals. We decide to try for the kudu, they are feeding in the thick cover, less than half a mile away. If we can find them, should give a good shot opportunity. Off we go, sneak around there for a couple of hours, trying to stay downwind, but cannot find them. Swirling winds made it tough to move in, must of spooked them. Usaf, our tracker, has spotted a couple zebras we can pursue. Off we walk in their direction. Cannot locate them, but we spot an oryx and the chase is on. Get to within 75 yards and see 3 of them, hunt just got tougher, too many dam eyes and ears. They are feeding and wandering through the brush, one is a tank of a bull, long and heavy, plus he splits real wide. They finally spot us and walk briskly off. Could of had the big guy with rifle easy, this spot and stalk bow hunting is tough. Morning hunt is over, but had a neat close encounter with a dandy oryx bull, we will be back for him.
Off to Ruan’s parents place for lunch, have our oryx sandwiches and I head for my afternoon nap. Ruan wakes me up at 4 and we head out. He has spotted a herd of zebra we will go for. Start walking in and spook a giraffe and her calf, they go galloping off, neat looking creatures. A herd of hartebeest have moved close to the zebras, this stalk is not looking promising. We get within 150 yards of the zebra herd, lot of mares with foals and a nice stallion. The hartebeest bolt stirring up the area and the zebras trot off in another direction. Back to white mountain for an area scan to find a stalk. Spot a lone oryx a mile away, we need to hurry as we have only an hour left. Bogie over there, spot the oryx at 150, he is shooter. Get within a 100 yards and bump into a warthog at 25 yards. He stares at us then trots away. We continue to sneak on the oryx, get to within 55 yards and now that dam warthog has come back and is only 15 yards, staring at us. The oryx is on alert and Ruan and I are caught in the open in a half crouch. Waiting game for a couple minutes, my knee is killing me, it is snapping and cracking as I slowly straighten it. The warthog grunts and runs toward the oryx spooking him. He trots off 25 yards and stops. We begin to sneak but he is alert now and gives a snort and trots off to 100 yards, no chance with bow. Dam warthog blew our stalk. See a herd of eland coming into the flat at dusk.
The moonrise is just beginning, spectacular.


We head back to truck and bump a kudu bull. Coming back here tomorrow. Back to Ruan’s parent’s house for late meal. Have a great supper and conversation with Ruan’s parents on the history of their farm. Back to camp, quick shower and off to bed. Up at 3 and catch up on blog. Do a bunch of stretching, calves are a little tight, not used to this rock climbing.
Quick breakie and back to white mountain. Bump a herd of kudu just before we park, they wander off the trail and into a small valley. We decide to make a play as nice bull in the herd. We sneak onto a small rock hill and they are feeding below us. Bull at 53 yards perfect quartering away, but no clear shot at vitals due to brush at mid body, just not sure if I can drop one in there. They browse around for a few minutes then a cow spots us and gives an alarm bark and the herd trots away from us. Back to truck.
Head up white mountain to glass.


Watch our kudu herd wander away. Spot some zebras off in the distance, but they are next to a herd of giraffes so wait for the stalk. Glass for an hour and see 2 nice eland bulls and hartebeest. Single oryx wanders thru. We head off for the zebras. Sneak in close to a band of 4, got within 60 yards but got busted by swirling winds Ruan is using a mopani bush to break our outline, works great. Morning is done. Back to Ruan’s parents place for lunch. 3 hour nap. Head out for more zebra action as Ruan has spotted a big herd from the house. Short drive and we begin our walk. Herd is moving slowly along feeding and rolling. We sneak up to the stallions in the back. There are 3 together rolling in a dust bowl. We get into 45 yards and get ready for a shot. Adrenaline is pumping. We get busted by another zebra nearby and the boys bugger off. We do a slow walk to a near by watering hole to finish off the night, no action there. Back to camp for a rum and zebra schnitzel supper. Excellent food again. Have a deep 5 hour sleep.
Breakie and off to hunt around camp this morning. First rock hill climb, we spot a herd of zebras feeding towards us. Down quick and scamper into an ambush position behind a thick bush. 2 zebras go by at 50 and the stallion is coming up behind. He is 30 yards broadside to Ruan and Ruan is saying to draw, but I cannot see him and I got 1 zebra looking at me. My zebra moves off and Ruan signals me to draw as the stallion is moving to us. Just as I draw the stallion walks forward into view at 40 yards. He spooks and Ruan does a grunt to stop him. He slams on the breaks and turns to give us a look. I guess him at 45 yards now, slightly quartering to me. Settle my 40 yard pin about mid body and inside the front leg. Let her fly. Perfect flight with the nocturnal showing the path, hit him in the sweet spot, half an arrow of penetration, could hear it hit bone, he bolts off. What a rush hunting zebras. Give him 10 minutes. Find blood just after shot location. Bright red with small bubbles, a good sign. Track him for 200 yards steady blood not a lot though, find arrow intact, laying on the grass, did not expect that. Dam, begin to wonder if I hit leg bone and arrow maybe deflected out of body. Still drops of blood steady another 100 yards and no zebra. Call Usaf our driver and tracker. We follow the tracks with only the odd drop of blood.
100 yards later and we walk up to the big guy lying in the grass.


What a welcome sight. A beauty zebra stallion with a battle scarred hide. We check the shot, it was right where I aimed, the Magnus black hornet did a hell of a job. Get some deadly field photos and load him up on the truck. Fresh zebra steaks are now on the menu.



Back to Ruan’s parents place to clean up the zebra. The shot was perfect, hit the shoulder bone on the other side. The carbon express maxima red is one tough arrow and the wound channel is huge with the arrow coming back out and those black hornet broadheads cutting all the way out, great design and first kill with this setup. Usaf is skinning out the zebra for a full flat skin, will look great.


We now head to check out some leopard bait locations Ruan wants to set up. See some new countryside, rougher landscape with less grass. We park and walk along a dry river bed, into an old watering hole, Real neat rock formations. The area is pounded with kudu and oryx tracks. We will sit the day here in amongst the rocks waiting for a waterhole ambush. Heading back to the farm, Ruan checks his father’s hyena trap and finds a warthog sow and 2 piglets in the trap. Release them, they bolt into the underbrush with the sow pissed right off and wanting a piece of someone. We head into a new area to hunt a couple kms from white mountain. Climb a rock hill to glass. Finally spot a dandy oryx bull on his own, off we go for a sneak. Halfway there I spot a kudu cow feeding, we stop and check things out. She finally spots us gives a bark and wanders off, back to the oryx. Spot him at 100 yards feeding slowly away. Start moving in and 2 kudu cows walk by us at 60 yards. The whole herd walks briskly by, there is a dandy bull with them, have him at 58 yards but walking, Ruan grunted a couple times, but he would not stop, no shot as the kudu herd meanders off into thick brush, so back to oryx in the more open area. Go only 25 yards and Ruan spots him, but he has already seen us. Namibian stand-off as we stand motionless. After a minute, the oryx does not like what he sees and bolts off. Back to the kudus, we hurry to try catch up to the herd, a few hundred yards along and we see a couple cows, get busted as they bark and the herd trots off as we hear the clatter of hooves on rock. Ruan thinks they may head to the near by watering hole so we boot a km over there to try head them off. Get there with 15 minutes of daylight left. Warthogs drinking, no kudu show. Day 5 hunt is over, with a great zebra trophy.
Back to camp to relax with my new favourite rum around the fire, we hear the hyena howling, he is within a few hundred yards of camp. Supper is a T bone steak, great supper. Have a cool shower in the moonlight and then off to bed for a much needed rest.
Great moonrise over camp and my friend Ruan.


Early breakie and off to white mountain.
See a herd of zebras on the way in. There is a young one hung up on the fence. We get out of the truck to help free it. It finally untangles itself and bolts off, back to the herd. Up we hike for spotting session. Glass for 30 minutes, starts slow with only a few small bunches of kudu cows and a couple herds of zebras. No oryx or kudu bulls. See a herd of eland a few kms out. Finally spot a lone oryx, small one. Ruan spots the kudu herd at the far watering hole, couple bulls in the herd. Plan is to drive to the watering hole, past the herd without stopping to check out the bulls. We hop into the truck and drive over, he is a big bull with ivory tips, definite shooter. Herd is walking to the hill where we need to get to. Drive way past, grab our gear and run back to the hill. Ruan heads up and I stay at bottom for an ambush shot in case herd comes by. Ruan has spotted a single big bull so we start in after him, a couple hundred yards in a cow appears out of the brush, we hunker down, but next cow along spots us and we get busted, a bunch of alarm barks and the herd moves quickly by, see the big bull standing at 93 yards, he is a beauty bull, will be a rifle shooter for sure. They exit away from us and we now and see if the lone bull is still in the area. Walk for an hour but no luck. Start walking back to water hole maybe catch an oryx on the way back. Walk along a dry river bed to check for leopard tracks. Ruan finds a fresh set so we now look for a bait spot. Find the perfect tree but too open. No other good spots to set up. Get near the watering hole and spot an eland moving in the brush. It sees us and turns back into the thick stuff. Usaf picks us up and we head to the farm to pick up the bait to set up a leopard site. Drive into a remote and rocky spot where Ruan has a spot he used a few years ago. We get there hang the bait and set up the shooting lane and blind.


Usaf does a drag with the zebra guts to scent up the area, we find a good track not far from the site. We head back to camp for lunch. Halfway back I spot a kudu cow in the brush, stop for a look and the herd starts moving, there is a good bull. We drive 500 yards past and grab our stuff and head for a rock hill to see if we can spot them. Ground is rock hard and noisy, tough stalking country. See a giraffe besides the hill, he gallops off, probably spooking the kudu. We climb for a look anyway. Spot a couple zebras but no kudu. Back to the truck and camp. Great lunch of zebra lasagne and a quick nap before evening hunt. We go to sit in a blind we put up a couple of days ago, nice setup, camera shows a kudu herd has been around with a younger shooter bull. Lots of bird action at the watering hole but no animals come in. Supper tonight is fresh zebra tenderloin from my animal. Ruan barbecues it to perfection and it tastes fabulous with a glass of red wine.
Tomorrow our plan is to sit all day at the unique rock watering hole, hoping for a big kudu or oryx. Off to bed. Great sleep till 4, catch up the blog and do some stretching as the legs are feeling it a bit, after following Ruan over every rock ridge in the area. Hear the hyena howling in the distance. Quick breakie and we are off in the dark to the blind. Walk in the last km to try and catch any early risers at the watering hole. Nothing, real slow morning, a couple little cat naps.


A warthog comes in around 3 and climbs into the trough for a bath. He ambles off. Shortly after 4 we hear hooves behind us, 15 seconds later the unwelcome kudu cow bark, a few second later the herd crashes off, they winded us. We need to build a natural termites box blind would be ideal. Back to camp for kudu tenderloin. Ruan is great barbequer, steaks are soft like butter and super tasty. Crash early and get a full 8 hours of sleep.
Breakie and off to white mountain.
Nala enjoying the ride, big ears flopping in the wind.


Nala basking in the early morning sun.


Spot a couple oryx driving and we try an early stalk, we cannot find them. Drive to our spot. Up we go. See a herd of Kudu cows, they are joined by a nice bull, good for bow. Keep watching and a large herd of kudu show up at the far watering hole. Plan is to drive by them, check out the bull better and then stalk back to intersect them. He is a very good bull 50 +. We drive another half km by and grab our gear. Ruan climbs a rock hill to spot and direct me to get a shot. He spots a bull but no herd, we start in after him. A hundred yards from the rock hill a cow shows up behind us. We hunker down and the herd begins to move by a couple of cows spot us hunkered down and begin to bark. Herd starts to trot, the big bull comes through a big opening and stops for a few seconds at 75 yards, he is a heck of a bull. The herd now takes off hard as the bull thunders off. Busted again. Head up a rock hill to see if we can spot where they are headed. No luck, do spot 3 oryx and plan B is on. We head down into the flat we find them and get within 75 yards as they feed and mill about. They all bed under some brush all facing different directions, so a sneak in is just about impossible, give it a go. Get in another 20 yards and the wind changes, oryx are standing, we are done, no shot opportunity, 30 seconds later they thunder off. Morning hunt is done. Head to the farm for lunch with Ruan’s parents and talk about Ruan’s grandfather, who is coming to visit tomorrow. Quick nap outside in lawn chair. Afternoon hunt we head out and hike a rock ridge looking for kudu and oryx. Last hour we spot 3 oryx, all young bulls off on a flat, we scamper down off the ridge and head for a watering hole as they are feeding towards it. Get to the dam and sneak in. The oryx are 200 yards out and still feeding our way, looking great for an ambush. Few minutes later they begin to veer off and start heading to the rock ridge we just came from. Need to chase them. We get in behind them and start dogging them thru the brush, tough keeping track of 3. Get within 50 yards of one but walking away and no shot, finally we get spotted and busted, they gallop off to the ridge and then stop and stare at us from 150 yards, lucky buggers. Back to camp for supper chicken kebabs and sausage, delicious as usual. Off to bed and get in full nights sleep, till my alarm. Breakie and off to white mountain again.
Love the view from up there.


Seen a herd of eland and zebras on the drive in. We spot the kudu herd at the close watering hole and the big bull is with them. The rifle comes along now. We circle around them to get the wind right. We cannot catch up to them and loose them as they head up a rock canyon. We head up a rock ridge to look but cannot find them. Nothing in the flats to chase. Usaf picks us up and we are off to scout a new area for kudu. Check the leopard bait on way in, no action. Get into a whole new valley, lots of rock ridges with small open flats. Bump a herd of zebras on the way in, herd of 10, nice stallion in the herd. Climb a couple rock hills to spot, nothing. Back to sit at the steel blind waterhole over lunch, see a herd of spring bucks coming in to water hole, so we sneak around but the spot us and head away. We get and set up, Nala , Ruan’s dog, is with us, we all take turns having naps, no action. We head out to walk a new valley for the evening hunt. Usaf heads up a nearby hill to glass. Ruan and I head into the flat slowly scanning for critters. We spot a couple oryx and the chase is on. We sneak into about 75 yards but tough to see in the thick brush. We inch forward but see one already eyeing us up. Set up for the rifle but no clear shot and they spook off. Ruan says that is good luck, we will see a kudu bull tonight. Couple hundred yards in Usaf radios there is a kudu bull up ahead on its own. We slow our space and start scanning for him. 300 yards further in, we spot him feeding under a tree 100 yards out set up for rifle and to see if he is a shooter. Yes he is a good bull, do not have a clear shot. He is totally relaxed so we decide to try with bow. Close into 60ish yards but can’t see him, 2 dam oryx cows are walking towards us and the kudu. Can’t move on kudu, so wait on oryx. Now they are meandering right towards us will have to make a bow play on them, 70 yards and all good, then one starts giving us the stare down, gig is up as she trots off 15 yards and gives us the evil eye. Reposition to grab the gun, oryx will pay for messing up the kudu hunt. Second cow steps clear, put the crosshairs on her shoulder and squeeze off the shot. The resounding swhack of a perfect shot, she bolts 50 yards and piles up.
Big old dry cow 35+ for length, old gnarled horns, perfect animal to harvest.


Load her up and continue up the valley. Spook a herd of kudu cows as they head over a rock ridge, no bull with them. Hike up the ridge for a better view of valley to see if we can spot the kudu bull. No luck. Head over the ridge to check out the other side. Kudu cow barking at his. See 3 oryx, zebra herd, kudu cows but no bull, the grey ghost has vanished. Will come back soon to try find him again. Back to camp for oryx tenderloin, delicious supper and fire pit time with a rum.
Sleep in morning as we are hiking the area next to camp. Wind has started over night and continues to blow pretty hard, will be making the animals restless, not great for hunting. First climb we spot 2 oryx 200 yards out, we need to make a quick play on them with bow, get within 100 yards but they are in thick short brush, we loose them as they wander off. Hike the whole area, climbing numerous rock hills to scan. See some zebras is all. Walk final ridge to a watering hole, spook some zebras and a couple kudu cows. Did 9 kms, 12k steps 39 stories, heavy duty tromp. Stop and check trail cam at nearby waterhole, big kudu bull came in just at dark last night, sit there this evening. Back to camp for lunch and nap. Head out to blind. Get set up test the bow shot, all good. Lots of birds steady coming in to water. A pair of dik diks come and feed around the blind as close as 3 yards, Ruan got some awesome photos, the female was directly out front, her nose twitching both ways, so neat to see up close. 3 zebras come in just at dark but stay 25 yards from the blind and waterhole, milling around, they spook when Usaf comes to pick us up. Back to camp for supper, zebra stroganoff is delicious and tasty dessert again, not loosing any weight with these great culinary feasts every night. Wind starts up at night and blows steady,
Quick breakie and off to white mountain to glass, see herd of hartebeest on the drive in. Up we go, spot a huge herd of eland, see zebras and a few oryx, but no kudu, wind has them holed up. We will need to hike and scout to see if we can find them. We drive past the watering holes and start hiking into the wind. Nothing the first valley, next one is the one we seen the good bull and shot the oryx 2 days ago. Decide to walk the dry river bed to catch them in the thick cover. Ruan spots a kudu bull, he is just a spike so herd must be around. Sneak in a little closer and 2 cows emerge in the brush, sit and watch them at 100 yards. See animals moving behind but no bull. We move to a different angle for viewing and get busted, they run off up the valley. We head to the next rock ridge to glass, spot a kudu bull laying in the middle of a brush patch, a young bull. Had seen some oryx and zebras on an opposite rock ridge when we were glassing. We were now above them, Ruan notes we should see if we can get a bow shot on one, I am game, let’s try er. We spot a couple under a large tree but surrounded by thick brush. We sneak in real slow. Get to 43 yards and can see the kill zone on one in through a hole in the brush. I sit and draw, put the 40 pin mid body, but my 25 pin is on a lone leafy branch sticking out, move above and below but shot will not work. Wind is all of a sudden at our backs, the oryx wheels and is gone, let down, one lucky oryx. On to the next spot, Ruan spots a bull laying under a large tree, but cannot see his head, sneak in to 150 yards and set up for a rifle shot, all is perfect. Ruan makes a large bellering sound, no movement, 2nd round, he still does not move, 3rd one and the bull stands and takes 5 steps away from tree and towards us, perfect just as we planned, but too small a bull, lucky to make 45”. Let him walk away. So close. Off to next valley to check out. The skies have turned hazy with dust blowing in from Etosha, dam wind. Get there and see another young bull walking halfway up the ridge, we spot another bull 50 yards behind, a shooter over 50, he vanishes into a thick patch of brush, we wait to see if comes out, nothing. We head to a ridge overlooking the valley to see if we can spot him, nothing, bugger lived up to his name of the grey ghost again, he is gone. Head back to the flats to have Usaf pick us up. It is 4 o’clock in the afternoon, Ended up hiking 8 hours, did 17k steps, 12 kms and 80+stories. Tired and thirsty after that one. Have a quick bite and slam a couple waters. Off we go to check a few more spots. Usaf noted that a leopard bait nearby was hit, we head over to check out. Half the bait gone and a huge track. Off we go to check out a few spots with the truck and do a couple small rock hill checks. Just at a gate going into a spot, when 5 kudu cows are at far bush line, they end up walking within 75 yards of us, only a spike bull with them, drive the area and check another leopard bait, no hits. Off to another spot, spot a huge herd of oryx on neighbour’s property, 30 in the herd. See a dandy warthog boar, a shooter, pass on him, need kudu. Off to next spot, quick hike to top, spot a lone oryx bull but no kudu. Last minute drive to a couple waterholes, but no action. Back to the farm, Ruan has some paperwork to sign. Get there and there is no power, solar inverter problems. Meet Ruan’s grandparents who are up for a visit. Back to camp and supper. Off to bed.

Last day for the hunt, need some luck for the kudus. Back to white mountain to start the day. Wind has died down, just a light breeze. Hike up the top and start glassing for kudu before sunrise. Ruan spots a lone bull way out west, looks good, may be a shooter, is a couple kms off. Find some cows just bellow the yellow hill where we had chased the herd 3 days ago, keep glassing the area and the bull finally clears some brush, Ruan confirms he is a good shooter. Need to head out now as they are filing towards the canyon where we lost them last time. Race down to the truck and drive past the waterhole. Park Half a km from the hill, this should allow enough time for us to climb the yellow rock hill on the opposite side downwind and hopefully catch them just on the other side. Ruan bolts ahead to see if we are not too late, I bring up the rear with the gun and rangefinder. We sneak into a couple of spots and start glassing for the herd. Ruan gives a bird whistle and signals me to come over quiet, I do my best sneak impression. The herd is just below us and are walking by with 2 bulls bringing up the rear. A quick view of both and Ruan whispers to take the front bull as he is the old huge bull from 3 days ago, his horns flare out and have huge ivory tips, not huge curls, he is the herd guy and a hell of a bull. We move 10 yards to our right and slide in behind a tree, it has the perfect fork for a rifle rest, cozy in and get set for the shot. 150 yards to the trail they are walking on. A cow spots our movement and gives a couple barks, but does not bolt or spook the herd, she settles down after 30 seconds and continues her walk up the valley. Lady Luck may finally be on our side. The bulls and herd are slowly walking single file towards our shot opening. Our bull hits the opening and Ruan gives a loud grunt to stop him, no reaction as he walks on thru, I reposition for the next opening 15 yards down. The bull saunters in and Ruan gives a loud bark, this time the bull stops perfectly broadside and looks up into the rock ridge. I settle the crosshairs on the bottom third of his body, straight up the leg, take a breath, steady the rifle and squeeze off the shot. The Ruger 300 Win Mag gives a little rap and the bullet smacks home right on target.
The bull half rears and bolts, 10 seconds later Ruan watches him crash to the ground, he goes 40 yards.


We turn and look to our left and the other bull is standing 175 yards broadside, not knowing what happened. He is a big bull early in his prime, little longer horns with deeper curls, heck of a bull also. He has now inherited herd bull status. He stands there for 30 seconds and then he and a few cows trot away into the underbrush. This could have been a double header. Wow what a fantastic last morning. Sunrise has just started to throw shadows in the valley as we walk up to the bull, beautiful dark horns, half covered in mud and those huge 4” ivory tips curling out. His beautiful coat and long mane make him a dandy old bull, Ruan figures him to be 8 or 9 years old. Ruan notes the little bump on his shoulder is the bullet sitting right there under the hide, kneel down to touch the hide, sure enough it is, perfect bullet performance. Ruan heads back to the truck and to get Usaf. I stay behind and enjoy the moment and relive the morning hunt. What an awesome way to finish off what has been a phenomenal 12 day hunting experience.
Nothing can beat the excitement and thrill of free range African spot and stalk hunting.


Ruan and Usaf are back, and we take some great field photos of my beauty bull.



Load him up and head to the farm. Drop him off for processing, shot took out the top of his heart, was the reason he went down so quick. We load up to put up a couple more leopard baits. Will look for an oryx for a last minute bow stalk if we can. Head up white mountain again, but no luck, no one moving. Have lunch in the middle of one of the flats as we have a flat tire to change. Get that done and we are off for the last bait. Find the perfect tree along a river bank. Ruan and I head out for quick walk up the valley, where I got the oryx a couple of days ago, nothing moving in the strong winds that have come up again. Done clearing lanes for the last bait, head back to the farm to clean up for the evening hunt. One last time up white mountain to glass, spot an oryx on the edge of the flat moving along, we drive past the watering hole and hop out for a quick walk to find him. Usaf lets us know the oryx has headed off the flat and is going over the rock ridge, we will never catch up to him, back to truck to do a last minute drive to maybe get lucky. Drive back to camp, we see zebras and giraffes to finish off the day.
Pour a rum and coke and Ruan grabs a scotch as we celebrate a great hunting day and adventure.
Last night at camp, it has been fabulous.


Supper is barbecued oryx tenderloin, cooked to perfection over the hot coals, Ruan’s mom adds the rest of the delicious fixings, meal fit for a king. Back to the fire for another cocktail and a little reminiscing about the week and our photo safari coming up.
Off to bed for a restful last tent nights sleep. Up at 5, sit on my deck listening to all the sounds of Africa, waiting for the sunrise. Over the week, heard the hyenas and jackals howling, zebras braying with hooves stomping, geekos on the tent walls, various bird calls and cackles. The tent camp is vey similar to my own elk camp, nothing beats it for atmosphere and relaxation. It is the coolest morning yet.
I shiver as the sky lightens, magnificent sunrise over the hazy African plains.


Head to the cook tent as the lights are on. Have a hot tea to warm back up. Sun finally starts bringing the heat and you can feel the chill leaving. Special breakfast of bacon and eggs hits the spot. Ruan and I do up our paperwork and finish the rest of the hunt payment. Tips are doled out and off to pack to get ready to head out.
This has been another magnificent and amazing hunt, cannot say enough about Ruan and his outfit. I am addicted, already making plans for next year to come back with my 2 friends from work who have booked a trip.
Question is will the wife divorce me if I even propose such an idea, the risk is worth it, hope to be back next year.


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Congrats on the hunt and thanks for sharing with us!


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Thanks for sharing. I admire your persistence of spot and stalk with a bow. The harder you work for an animal the more you appreciate it. You did a lot of walking. Nice Kudu. Congrats


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One fun sounding hunt! I remember now why I never tried to get back into archery hunting after severing my rotator. It’s tough work!
Congratulations! You got some fine trophies!

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