My new 9.3 x 62

great rifle, even greater calibre

contact me if you need to use it, will sort some great hunting for you....incl your dream animal

the licenses are moving better these days, i have heard around 3-4 months

if you need a motivation leteer etc, contact me

The one shown to the left here is no longer in my possession. It does, however, now reside about a hundred miles south, and if I need to visit, I can. Cold turkey is TOUGH! I'm not sure the habit can ever be broken. VIVA Le 9.3x62!
Congratulations. Beautiful rifle in a classic cartridge. I hope the red tape is finished soon and you can enjoy your new rifle. I have a Ruger African in 9.3x62.

Safe hunting
Unfortunately I was not able to shoot it before buying but the rifle is in perfect condition. This is a Vektor rifle that was built in South Africa on a Simson & Co pre war action. It’s been rebarelled and almost never shot by the looks of it. Unfortunately the current backlog in issuing of licences in SA means that I will more than likely only take posession next year. This situation is however improving as a result of ongoing litigation. I’m going to hunt most african game but will focus on Eland, Wildebeest, Zebra and maybe a Cape Buffalo in countries where the 9.3 is legal.
Gee I thought our state firearm licences in Queensland Australia was run by bureaucratic wankers, it takes about 2 -3 weeks here, when the system started in about 1997 it cost $11.00 now its $40.00. I also love my 9.3x62. built on a Parker Hale M98.
Bought my first hunting rifle today. Now the wait for the licence here in SA. It is a 9.3 x 62 Mauser built on a mauser style action.

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You have a nice Vector built rifle . They sourced M98 actions from Germany rather than use old Musgrave actions so this was built like this and not rebarelled. They reworked the bolt and safety.

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Hey Flyfish-
Have interest in the Chapuis. Would like to see more assembled pics if possible, i know its a beautiful firearm!
Also, could you use other ammo such as Barnes etc...
Thanks, Neil
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Also, more pics of female #2(black ticked). Thanks, Neil
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Could you send me some more pics of the Dam(weight?) and Sire, front rear and side pics., looking for a smaller female, with ticking. thanks Don
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Please let me know the status of the Sako 500J, thanks again
2 more jackal , one was a big male!