Muzzle loader I want to hunt in africa with. tc big boar .58

Discussion in 'Muzzleloaders & Black Powder' started by leslie hetrick, Feb 27, 2018.

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    I will not get over this year, but I want to come over next year. as I have been there five times I have all the conections for staying and hunting. but would like to know what paper work I will need to bring my muzzle loader with lead balls-mini-balls in to Africa. and if fff black powder and # 11 caps will be available to me. I will not need very much powder and very few caps, hopefully I will not need more than 20 shots (90-grs per shot), I will have a modern rifle available to me as a back up.(local rifle). this rifle will hold 2-3 " groups at 100 yards from a rest, thanks for any info. Leslie.

    DSCN9987 (3).JPG DSCN9988 (3).JPG DSCN9989 (3).JPG DSCN9990 (3).JPG DSCN9991 (2).JPG

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    Good day to you Leslie, we will provide the black powder and all the will need a temporary import permit that I will send you to complete. I will send you a letter of invitation to attend the hunt. There will be a PH and an outfitter so you are covered by South African hunting laws and requirements.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    No , back up rifle..I will hunt with you on foot..we stalk the game up to thirty meters before taking a shot..bring a pair of moccasins with (with Kevlar sheeting for the thorns or we will make you a pair of "Velskoene " like we all wear and make on this hunt.

    .you need to bring re-enactment Mountain Men clothes or Indian robes with , depending what you want to be during the 1883 era...
    No, modern rifle or any modern items are can stock up at any Spar/Checkers shop. You need to hire a vehicle to travel to the farm we are doing the hunt on..I will supply you with all needed information as we nearing the 2019 Black powder hunt next year.

    Will you please bring along my 1871/84 Black Powder rifle I got as a gift from one of the members on this forum?

    I will send you all the relevant Permanent Importing documentation form South Africa and the owner of the rifle will give you all the relevant Permanent Exportation documentation from the USA?

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