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Nov 23, 2017
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I am looking for a good mule deer outfitter in Alberta . I am looking for trophy quality bucks only. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thank-you
I have hunted Alberta many times as I have relatives there, but did you ever consider Texas?

The have some tremendously big racks down there.
........ I am looking for trophy quality bucks only. ..............

Let me know what this means. Show me a picture. :)

There are some good Outfitters up here. Just want to make sure of what you are after before opening my mouth.
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@Rickmt : Noticed you are in Belgrade, MT. Some pretty nice mule deer to be had in Big Sky Country. :)

Got this one with Rising Son Outfitters, about 10 miles south of Livingston.

Dave H 6x7 Mule Deer 2013.jpg
Thanx everybody. would like a chance for above 160 inches . The ranch I hunt on has smaller mulies. Why Alberta you ask . because i can drive their in a day and have never been up there . not looking for mountain hunt . want a wide open spaces rolling prairie hunt. nice buck 375 ruger fan
What is your idea of a trophy?
If 8k -10k for a 6-7 days hunt (bow/rifle) and a descent opportunity at a +/-180” buck is in your wheelhouse, the two outfitters below are great choices.
Mikes Outfitting. Mike runs a great outfit and they take some great bucks each year.
Another is Graham Brigden, have not hunted with him but have heard nothing but good and he also takes some nice bucks.
Want a chance at a great buck? Would you consider Colorado? If so Scott Limmer is your man.
Thanx Johnnyblues . the Eastern plains hunt is what i want but according to website there is 4 year wait and i am sure the price is going to be very special when they list the price as TBD
Rick, I did a Wyoming pronghorn hunt with SNS Outfitters a few months ago. First time for me to hunt with SNS or pronghorn, but will likely go back again. SNS operates in both Wyoming and Montana and offers a trophy mule deer hunt in SE Montana, which I am guessing is a wide open plains area type hunt.

Also, Ken Decker was my guide and a super nice and knowledgeable guy to hunt with.

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