MOZAMBIQUE: Hunting Buffalo In Coutada Luabo Mozambique

Hallgeir Gravråk

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Feb 4, 2018
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Hunting in the Zambezi delta in Mozambique,

Coutada Luabo was one of the toughest hunts I have ever done.
I booked my hunt thru Kwalata Safaris, and hunted on Cabassa safaris consession.
Hunting periode:
sept 8th 2019 - sept 19th 2019
PH Jaco Straus, Kwalata Safaris
Firearm used:
Krieghoff Classic Big Five caliber 470 NE

High temperature, high humidity put the marks on my doublerifle, rust come at once, ordinary gun oil wasn't good enough, it dissapear in short time,

I didn't had any Rangoon oil this is way much better than gun oil, a advice to you guys when you are going to suchs areas, buy a bottle of Rangoon oil.

After I got home my gun got a intense care.

And all the rustspots are gone.

I wonder if I should reblue the barrels on my doubble or just let it be as it is.

After 9 days of hard hunting, wading, loosing my toenail, got ash in my ears, nose mouth, yes everywhere on my dirty body I got my buffalo.

In all of these 9 days of hunting from sunrise to sundown, I got a window of 5 seconds.

It was now or never.

After 2 shot from my 470 NE the buff went down, I didn't see it go down, The PH Jaco Strauss start asking me how I felt, in the same time we hear the death roar from the buff, after a while we go after on the tracks.

After about 40 meters we found him laying but not dead.

I gave him a shot between the shoulderblades and one in the shoulder, the buff past away.

I found 2 bullets.

A 500 grs A-Frame fylly expanded and the bullet weight was 487 grs, the solid a 500 grs Barnes solid went thru the buff from rear to the skinside in the troath, this bullet just plowed the way thru, cut all the venes on the tpp of the hart.

The Barnes Solid didn`t loose any weight at all, I can useit again..

All in all this hunt was really tough, and my advice to you guys practice a lot, get fitted, be prepared of putting your soul into it.

Now, I know what I'm going to, I would go again.. thanks.
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Congrats and thanks for sharing!
What a hunt! I think I’m a bit “long in the tooth” for that kind of hunt! But I certainly enjoyed your pictures and reading the tale!
About rust...I had a guide in Alaska tell me to try a paste wax such as used on automobiles. Also, MidwayUSA sells Renaissance wax that is suppose to protect bluing.
Just a thought.
Thanks for the report!
The tough hunts make you earn the experience, and you will remember the adventure for the rest of you life. Congratz on a nice buff.
Congrats on a memorable Safari. Well done and thanks for the story and pictures.
Well done and congratulations!
Nice buff. Sounds like a great hunt. Congrats.
A hunt you won't soon forget I'm sure! Great synopsis of the hunt and the I appreciate the photos. They tell the story themselves. Congratulations Hallgeir!
Nothing quite like Mozambique! Congrats on a great hunt and terrific bull.
Congratulations Hallgeir, great buffalo, great hunt :D Cheers:
Congrats on the Cape buffalo!
Nice bull - Congrats Hallgeir!
Congrats on your bull!!
Congratulations, Hallgeir! Great hunt and a fine trophy!

I hunted the Zambezi delta swamp with Mark Haldane’s Zambezi Delta Safaris. My PH was Leo Van Rooyen. I was 65 at the time in 2016.

After chasing herds for 5 days in the teak forests, Leo made the decision to go to the swamp. I remember telling him I wanted to earn my buffalo. He looked a bit askance. All he said was, “Don’t worry. You will.” He was right.

I think I’ll leave the next buffalo in the swamp to you and the younger guys, but I wouldn’t take a million dollars for the experience!
Congrats ............I have also had 10 day hunts with a 5 second window....... Here's to making it count! (JD).........FWB

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