MOZAMBIQUE: Dream Hunt With Chapungu-Kambako Safaris In The Niassa Reserve Block B


Jurassic park mountains
Day 7
We decide to hunt Sable after spotting an outstanding trophy while returning with red Duiker from the day before. I tell Derren let’s shoot for 40” class as he know of 2 or 3 that might make that length and I shot one that big already and don’t really need another one. Anyways we look all day and right at dark we spot a no doubt shooter. We make a good stalk and Derren can’t tell for sure how long he is for sure as he won’t turn his head. He catches our wind and is gone. We saw to great bulls that day. I’m hoping to get the monster from the day before so we head back to camp after another great day of hunting.
Day 8
We leave at4:30 to look for the big sable about an hour from camp. We check the water hole for tracks and we find a herd has drunk. We decide to head out on foot to see if we can find him. They have seen him in this area 3 or 4 times during the season so my confidence is high despite the large area. After 2 hours looking on both sides of the road and no sign of a large bull track or fresh droppings we conclude he has vacated the area. We go back to the river and check for tracks. As Derren climbs up the bank I go with the trackers as they walk off I head back toward Derren. He comes down and says get the gun. I sprint for the truck some 50 yds away grabbing the gun and sticks. I’m sure it must be him. As I’m running back Krispen is running back to the truck to get his binocs. We slowly stalk and as the sticks go up I calm myself and I see him clearly in the scope at 70 yds facing us. A chip shot and then the words it’s not him. I can’t believe it! We spend the rest of the day searching another area and then drive back at last light to see if he has come back around but it’s clear he has left the immediate area. Back to camp and a great evening. We make a plan for day 9.
Day 9
Derren has a new area to try where an exceptional animal was shot by another PH’s clients and several good bulls had been seen. We drive along and soon start seeing sable. I spot a young bull before Krispen and Lariano and start in on them about getting tired eyes etc. We we’re in a really good looking area and everyone gets that serious look about them. Chrispen points and I see horns immediately. As Derren steps out he asks for the sticks and I know it’s game on. The bull starts moving down the hill side and we stop and go as he moves lower. Suddenly Darren starts running quickly down and I’m on his heals. The sticks come up but there is no shot. We slowly go across a shallow ravine and as we come up the bull is in the open and I’m on the sticks. The bull is walking side hill and Derren does a buffalo below and the bull stops ( 80 yds) and the shot is on it’s way. The bull stiffens at the shot and almost looks like his front legs are locked up. He starts to run but quickly slows to a walk. I shoot again and the raking shot has him jog slightly but he soon starts walking down hill into the bottom area of the two hills. I can see him moving his head side to side as he is losing blood pressure. Derren says to not shoot his horns he comes maybe 30 yds and as he comes broadside at 50 yds I shoot for a high shoulder shot and he collapses on impact. He’s a beautiful bull that Darren has never seen before with polished and worn tips as smooth as ebony piano keys. I can hardly believe this run of hunters luck.

He has that reddish hue of a Roosevelt Sable. We load up and are back at camp by 10:00. I think this is my last animal of the trip. We call it a day and just relax and do a little fishing.
That was an exciting little jog!
What a great hunt! Thank You for sharing
Matt, thank you for sharing your hunt. Great write up and wonderful pictures! The quality of animals taken is certainly impressive. A trip of a lifetime by all accounts. Well done!
On a bit of a side note, you mentioned another PH in camp by the name of Kim. He and I hunted buffalo together last year. Small world! I knew he was down with malaria (for the second time in just a few moths) and I guess that was during your trip. He’s a fun guy and good PH, and yes he certainly loves bowhunting and fishing!
Some exceptional trophies taken in wild country Niassa is just different.
Day 10
I’m not going to hunt but Derren says they will give me a deal on the Waterbuck since I’ve already paid the license. Waterbuck are not genetically big there but roam by the hundreds along the Lugenda. I have taken 2 over 30”at fenced areas and Derren’s very best here is 28”. Most bulls we saw are 25 to 26” so I’m not that excited. But hey who can pass up a deal! We head up the Lugenda river road and the first ram we see after 30 minutes is no doubter anywhere!!! The truck stops and everyone is bailing out!. They spot him standing after following for 50 yds. It’s an impossible shot completely covered vitals except for some brisket as he faces us at some 70 yds. I pass on shot. I know it’s big but to much risk. Eventually he runs maybe 5 minutes. We move up another 50 yds and they spot him where it is so thick I can see his chest clearly but from the neck up nothing. Derren has we cannot shoot because it could be a cow as their are so many waterbuck in the area it’s ridiculous. I agree. After maybe 6/7 minutes he starts to move to his right and towards us. With the muffs on I thought Derren said get on the sticks. So I ease up. It’s him! Derren says get down. I see movement and five or six young bulls and cows are standing to our right at 20 yds and start to move out! Derren says $&”/$! As I ease down the bull comes forward and he says get on the sticks so I ease up. No shot. He steps forward 3 yds and bam gun goes off. I know it’s a hit but not for sure where!! Waterbuck heads towards river and the really thick stuff. They look for blood. No blood but they find the tracks. He’s running. They track for 60 yards and I see him rock his horns and yell he’s down. Now lying in the shadows I can’t see him for the life of me!! I tell Derren to put a finisher in. He try’s to explain his position and we move to the right. I finally just say shoot him, obviously he can’t get up and I don’t want to take any chances.
He rocks at the shot and it’s over.
Handshakes all around. Sometimes it’s jus meat to be. He should have spooked when the others ran. Nobody saw the other waterbuck. Derren told me to get ready! Not get up!! When the truck gets their we grab the tape. Both horns are 27 and 3/4”. A monster for Niassa! We have a late evening celebration with the pilot James and one of those great people you meet on safaris the head of anything needing fixing and he barbecues chicken better than Jumbo Moore!-Keegan Anderson- he’s welcome at my home in California anytime. It’s just one of those hunts you will never forget.
Well the nest morning were flying out and everyone is lounging around and a call comes in that a wounded is seen very bad shape. We jump in the truck. We cross the river onto an island. A fisherman shows us where he is and I finish his dreadful life. I still can’t believe he could stand after the first shot lying down. Buffalo are tough!
Now the hunt is over! Thanks Kambako Camp!
My final pic is the tale of the tape for those interested and our gun battery. Derren uses a Winchester - I believe- in 458 Lott with a red dot scope. I looked through it and liked it for dangerous game backup! Also on the map I put little pieces of paper with the name of animal. It’s a huge area with all three blocks and one Coutada comprising 4.2 million hectares. Obviously I recommend it highly!!!


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I want to thank Jumbo Moore and especially Julie for all the permits and Pre Visa stuff as this was a rush job! She stayed in touch! All paperwork was in order and their representative and company pilot (Keeton )got me through customs and in the plane in less than an hour after landing! Well done.
And lastly to my PH Derren Ellerman congrats on taking the new #1 SCI Situtunga in Uganda early this year. The certificate came in while I was there it was 32 something. You showed me proper hunting in Niassa. I wish you all the best for showing me what dream hunt is all about!!
Sounds and looks like you did have a dream hunt. Congratulations and thanks for tge write up.
from the looks and sound of it you did indeed have the hunt of a lifetime. thank you so much for sharing. Moz just made my short list. congrats on a great hunt.
What a nice adventure, you took so great animals and got to experience a nice wilderness hunt. Thank you for taking us along with you with your words.
Man, what a great hunt and some great trophies! Really enjoyed reading about your experience. Thanks for sharing it.
Well done, what a magnificent adventure. Thank you for taking us along. (y)
Fantastic !!
We saw signs of elephant everyday- mostly trees knocked down trees across roads and digging for water in the sandy river bottoms, but never saw any. Dung was very fresh in river areas. The PH said at one time estimates were around 25k elephant in Niassa but Politically related poaching wiped them out. The politicians have been removed and they are making a comeback. I heard lions one morning but that was it. Kim another PH saw lions twice. What is really abundant their is leopard. Tracks on road and game cameras showed 4 males feeding while I was there. Derren said with pre- baiting it’s a 2 or 3 day hunt to get one. Leopards in this area are smaller like in the Selous, Tanzania but very abundant. I think he had 4 cat hunters and 100%. I believe he said there always 100% on leopard with clients. I would have shot one if I hadn’t already taken one in Zim. The pictures on camera sure make it tempting!
Congratulations on a fantastic hunt! Thanks for sharing it
Not sure how I missed this report, thanks for sharing. Amazing trophies!! Congratulations!

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