More goats killed by lions in Kunene

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    More goats killed by lions in Kunene

    TWO days after lions killed 25 goats in the Torra Conservancy in Kunene, more goats were killed in the same area on Monday morning.

    Communal farmer Desmond Tsuseb lost 19 goats.

    “There are only a few very small kids left without mothers, so I don't think they will survive either,” Tsuseb told The Namibian.

    According to him, a herder left the goats in the bush near the farmhouse on Sunday, believing the animals would return to their kraal soon as usual.

    They did not.

    On Monday morning, the herder and Tsuseb went on a search and found one dead goat – and then another, and then another.

    “Then we saw them all just bitten to death. Four were eaten, so we suspect there were four lions, one goat per lion. One goat was still alive, but died later,” said Tsuseb.

    His loss came two days after possibly the same pride of lions killed 25 goats belonging to communal farmer Euphrasius Dawids on Saturday. Dawids suffered a financial loss of about N$40 000.

    The latest carnage apparently took place just a few kilometres from the place where the previous incident occurred.

    Saturday's kill was said by Adams to be the biggest in more than a year, with livestock losses having been limited by measures put in place to deter lions from entering livestock kraals. Before these measures were in place, major lion attacks on livestock were more frequent.

    Tsuseb is concerned that he will not be compensated because his animals were not in their kraal when they were attacked.

    The communal farmers in the Torra area, who also are conservationists, say the drought has decreased the game count by 40% in the last year, and the result is that the less game there is for lion to hunt, the more likely it will be that the cats turn to vulnerable prey such as livestock.

    “It's tough for everyone. But when things like this happen, one cannot have nice thoughts about the lions,” said Tsuseb.

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