Monster Kudu

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    Monster Kudu

    I am in awe!
    Have never seen anything like it in my life - and I have seen some!

    Unfortunately the piece is in Afrikaans...

    Monster Kudu
    published in 2011

    View the entire story by clicking on the following link: monster-kudu.pdf

    Monster Kudu

    View the entire story by clicking on the following link: monster-kudu.pdf

    Some insight from AH Member CapeHunter...
    "As an Afrikaans speaker, here's some insight for you"

    This was published in a Hunting organization's news letter of some sorts, not a news paper.
    The Kudu was shot by the farmer himself. This may explain the questions about photo quality, as it was not a PH taking photos of a client.
    Throughout the article the farmer speaks with great respect for this Kudu. Almost as if there was something mystical about this Kudu. A bond between the two of them.
    He saw him a number of times before and he immediately knew that he was "Special". The first time he saw him was with a client and he even saw him from a helicopter after that.
    On the day he shot the Kudu, the farmer was checking fences when he saw him, but the big old bull looked sick and tired, he could see it in his eyes..the bull had lost weight, but his horns looked even bigger than before..the fight in his eyes was gone now.
    The farmer rushed home to fetch his rifle, in such a hurry he even left his dog, Roftie behind. This had to be settled today.
    The farmer tracked the bull and when he saw him at 180yards, he knew this was it. With no rest nearby he knew he had to be quick and fired. With the monkeys going crazy and the birds flying everywhere, the bulls goes down with an almighty roar, unlike anything the farmer has heard before. He gets up, looking at the farmer as though he owes him money and runs another 50 yards, before going down for the final time with another loud roar.
    Silence falls over the Bushveld.
    The workers load the bull in an eerie silence and with an unusual sense of respect. Even they realize a legend has fallen.
    When measuring the horns, the farmer's 60 inch tape runs out and his friend says: "You are 12 inches short"
    The Farmer was very emotional that evening and that was the end of "The Legend of Welverdiend".
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