MEXICO: Desert Bighorn

Once again what seemed like an eternity was only a few minutes and Luis spoke again. I was quickly onto the rifle and saw the big ram feeding. I hit the range button on the scope, and he was 496. I then slipped off the safety and waited for him to turn and give me a shot.

He took a few steps and was free from the brush and cactus and I could clearly see his shoulder and announced,“I am going to shoot”. I settled in and stared the trigger squeeze. The RUM barked and jumped up as I was only on the pistol grip lightly. I heard the report of the hit and the guides started whooping and hollering, the ram was down. He died about 9 feet from where he was shot, and we could see him through the spotting scope below a large ocotillo bush. I immediately said a prayer of thanksgiving to God for this incredible blessing then hugged my son. Parker congratulated me on the shot, the longest of my 45-year hunting career.

Having the right equipment is a must for any hunt but is truly imperative on a specialty hunt such as this. The new Swarovski ds 5-25 paid for itself today on this hunt, it is the finest riflescope I have ever owned.
After handshakes and congrats we devised a plan and started our ascent to recover the ram. It took about an hour and a half as he had died 20 yards below the top of the mountain. When I finally reached him, I was in awe of the massiveness of his horns. An old ram, heavily broomed and 10 years of age – the perfect sheep to take off the mountain. His old Roman nose was bumped and scarred from years of fighting and a big chunk of horn missing from his left side, the result of a battle years ago. His body was still in very good condition but he was missing some front teeth and what he had left were loose.


We spent the better part of an hour taking pictures and eating a couple of burritos before we started the decsent. The trip down was slow and slippery and it took us about an hour and twenty minutes to reach the trucks. I sat down, got the tweezers from my swiss army knife and had Parker pluck the cactus thorns from my calves. We relaxed and had a celebratory Tecate while waiting for the others to arrive. They all slowly trickled in with Luis taking up the rear as his pack was full of meat and the hide & horns. It was nearly 6 o’clock and we headed for camp.
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As we arrived, Maria met us outside and congratulated me on my trophy. She offered me a drink and I asked for tequila for me and the men. We made a toast the to the grand old ram and then sat down to a nice dinner.


I closed the night by the fire, smoking a cigar and reliving the day with Parker. It is truly a blessing to be able to hunt around the world in pursuit of such magnificent game. But, to have my son with me on such a momentous hunt made the excursion all that more special. The Desert Bighorn was number 3 for my Grand Slam and I am down to the Rocky Mountain Bighorn. I will never forget this great but short sheep hunt in Sonora, it was the best.

I want to give special thanks to my outfitter Rogelio Lizarraga for his honesty and integrity along with the work organizing the hunt. His daughter Maria went far beyond expectations always communicating with me and keeping me informed during the 3 ½ years the hunt was booked. Rogelio’s son Ricardo was one of the guides who stayed below spotting the sheep for us as we hunted, and Mrs. Lizarraga prepared all our meals which were outstanding.

Finally, to the team of guides Luis, Miguel, Martine and the cameraman Lupe who all did their part to make this expedition a success.

If you ever wanted to hunt Mexico for big Desert Mule Deer or a Desert Bighorn Sheep, PM me and I will give you Rogelio’s contact information. They are a wonderful family to hunt with and I will be back.

The ram made number 19 on my quest for the North American 29, onward to the next hunt!
Congratulations! Stuff dreams are made of! Fantastic ram.
Heck of a ram and heck of a shot! Congratulations!
Beautiful ram! Thanks for sharing your story!
Seems like I just read a report about your bison hunt too! You’ve been busy!
Wow, what a ram! Congratulations!!!!
Beautiful ram!!! Congratulations!!!
Congrats, that is dream hunt to go on and get a beautiful ram!
What a massive old ram. Congratulations.

Glad you got to share the experience with Parker.
Seems like I just read a report about your bison hunt too! You’ve been busy!
Yessir, I am chipping away at the North American 29 while I can still get around.

Stay tuned!
I wanted to share this picture from the lodge. It is of Mrs. Lizarraga’s great-grand father who ranched in this area. Note the Jaguar hide on his chaps!
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What a massive old ram. Congratulations.

Glad you got to share the experience with Parker.

Being able to share the great outdoors with your kids is priceless. When the ram was down, he gave me a big hug and said - “helluva shot Dad”!
Absolutely a grand old warrior ram! Congratulations!
Awesome! Absolutely awesome!!! Great shot too! Congratulations!!

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