Mexico Deer Hunting

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    Carmen Mountain Whitetail $3500. plus trophy fee of $2500
    Crooki Mule Deer $3500 plus trophy fee of $3500

    Hunts are in the Sierra Madre Mountains and Del Carmen mountains of old Mexico, a beautiful 4.5 hour drive from Eagle Pass, Texas or an air flight can be arranged at $600 (max 2 persons)..

    Hunting tags $150
    Gun Permit $125
    observers $300 per day
    Extra days $700 per day.

    Fully guided and the accommodations are 5 star plus. 5 days, 5 nights.

    This is the only area where these species of deer are available..these deer are now recognized in the SCI record books.

    Special introductory prices, Mexico Mule Deer hunts cost upward of $10,000.

    For additional information contact Ray at the below email address....

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