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Oct 15, 2017
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Hi all,

Browsed for a while, but never hopped into being an active member of the forum before. I'm from northern Idaho, and while I've never hunted Africa myself, my dad and uncle hunted South West Africa, Kenya, Somalia, Mozambique, and Rhodesia... once upon a time anyways.

The couple of big game rifles that I've got include a couple of Winchester Model 70s, Ruger M77s, a Browning, and a Sako in .243 Winchester, .270 Winchester, .338 Winchester Magnum, 7x57, .257 Roberts, and .375 H&H Magnum. I've done a fair amount of waterfowl, deer, and antelope hunting in Idaho and Wyoming.

Looking forward to getting to know you guys and learning all I can :)

Hello and welcome!
Welcome to AH!
Welcome, I too just joined a couple days ago great place for Knowledge and safari planning.
Welcome to AH, Clayton!
Welcome to AH Clayton! Glad you decided to join the conversation.
Clayton, thanks for taking part in the AH forum. If you hang around here too long, I’ll bet you wind up going to Africa to continue your father’s and uncle’s grand experiences!

I’ve read Idaho was a great big game state until the wolves started taking over. Maybe you know something about it?
Idaho definitely used to be one of the destinations to go for elk, or so I've been told, until the wolves did a number on elk populations (less so deer). IDFG said there was no problem, everything was fine, naturally. I came here for college in 2002, and I've only hunted elk casually (what I mean is really just when I was out deer hunting- had the permit just in case, which ensures that you'll see nothing, right? Murphy's Law says if you didn't bother with the permit you'd come face to face with a royal elk the first time out). Most elk hunters here that I know of don't bother with Idaho any longer- they go to Colorado, interestingly enough. I think with local management and bounties they can get things back in balance- as long as courts and the federal governments trust state management, which is no given. It'll take time. My dad's a Wyoming resident and he's noticed the huge toll wolves have taken on the moose population in western Wyoming. Quotas and permits are way down for elk and moose in each state respectively, and we haven't seen them like we used to.
Welcome to AH Clayton. You definitely have the rifles for an African hunt.
I hunted Idaho years ago, taking my first elk up near Priest Lake.
You’ve come to the right place for African hunting info.
Welcome to AH sir!
Welcome to our forum and good luck looking for the .425!
Welcome to AH, I had plans to complete my CJ degree at Northern Idaho but never did, got as far as registering but ended up staying in the Nevada Goldmines instead. I grew up just a ways up I-90 in MT. Love that country still today!
Good to have you on the posting side Clayton. FYI there are lots of animals to hunt in Africa. The good part is that you don't have to purchase another rifle, that is unless you just "need" to do so. In which case we'll offer you lots of encouragement and advice.
Welcome. Great forum to enjoy and learn from.
Hi Clayton, welcome to AH !
Welcome to AH ! Looks like we are neighbors!
Welcome to the dark side, that .375 H&H needs to go to Africa.
welcome,your in the right spot.

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