Meetings in CA, GA and PA - Dont miss out!!

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    Hi to All

    Everybody that is interested is hereby invited to attend any of the 3 listed Presentations by Umlilo Safaris.
    We are holding these 3 meetings in areas that perhaps has not got the big shows.
    It will be a 45min Introduction, talk and brief by Johan Dorfling(Outfitter/Owner/Big 5PH) followed by a Q & A. There will be special deals on the table for those that attend. Johan will be available all night and will gladly have a one on one with anybody/group and anybody that came in late. All DVD/Packages/Offers/Taxidermy Costs/etc will be in each guys intro pack.

    The Meeting times are:
    1. San Diego, California - 25 January @Starts 19:00
    2. Metter, Georgia - 4 February @ Starts at 17:00
    3. Loganton, Pennsylvania - 8 February @ Starts at 15:00
    Please send me a message or email for complete addres of meeting you are attending.
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