McGowen barrels?

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing' started by Ray B, Jan 18, 2019.

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    An FN Weatherby had been rebarrelled by CP Donnelly in 300 Wby mag, that a few years later the owner decided to return the rifle to original, so the Donnelly barrel was removed. The Donnelly barrel had only been fired a few times and I obtained it in perfect condition. I'd been searching for a reasonably priced large ring Mauser action that had been opened to the larger length and had just about settled on getting a Mark X in 375 H&H to have the Donnelly barrel installed. Then an early war issue Obernforf 98K that had been sporterized and lengthened for 300 Wby was offered for sale, so I got it, This included a McGowen barrel in 300 Wby. I got the rifle and had intended on sending it to the gunsmith for the barrel swap, however, the work of the gunsmith indicates a high level of skill, so I'm wondering if I might just keep the McGowen barrel on the rifle. A feature that I didn't care for on the rifle was Weaver swing-away base/rings, so I'm replacing them with some Warne bases to fit some QRW rings that I have for the scope I will be installing. The bases are on order and expected to be received in about a week. So I haven't had a chance to take the rifle to a range to see how well it shoots.

    I'm wondering if there is information concerning McGowen barrels. I've read on other forums about an equal percentage of those that liked them to those that didn't. What do you think? Should I just go ahead and have the Donnelly barrel installed as originally planned, or stay with the McGowen and see how it turns out?

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    I would certainly leave it as is until you try it and see if the accuracy is up to your standards. McGowens seem to be a decent barrel from most of what I have read. Far cheaper to try 20 rds of ammo than to do the rebarrel.
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    Shoot it with different bullets and powders and let the data tell you a plan.
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