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Aug 10, 2011
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Its not my fault, its an addiction....I hear that all the time from drug addicts-so it must be true.

So far I have three and I'm jonesing for another. The first one was rebarreled to 45-70 with a HBAR and a high comb stock for a "modern" scope in tip off mounts (spit!) The scope is coming off ASAP. I'm undecided if I want to turn down the barrel of leave it heavy. I DO want to add more period sights. I'm thinking I want express style; just not sure how many "leafs". Being 45-70 makes it ammo friendly; but isn't the exotic ammo part of the fun?

Number two is a Gahendr, sold to me as "shootable". My smith is verifying that so I don't end up with a grenade next to my face. Its in 577-450, not exactly a Walmart cartridge; but maybe worth the fun. Also Ive seen cartridge converters that use 45Colt, which is kinda intriguing from an available ammo POV.

Number 3 is a Greener (Martini) action. I'm tossing build ideas around. My first thought is a 12ga rifled barrel; but then I thought 28ga would be cool and I could use 58cal bullets for "slugs". I keep thinking about brass cases loaded with the bullet peeking out??? I know I can get modern plastic 28ga shells; but I'm not so sure about brass cases? My smith suggested we use cut down 577NE cases?

I'm picturing something with a single leaf rear sight and maybe a gemstone front sight insert??? I know diamonds have been used; but I was kinda thinking of RUBY for a "classic" fiber optic design (and...well BIG rubies are cheaper than BIG diamonds)



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