Market Zimbabwe As Prime Hunting Destination

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    Market Zimbabwe As Prime Hunting Destination

    SAFARI operators have been called upon to aggressively market the country as a prime-hunting destination in order to claim their share of international hunters.

    Safari Club International chairman, Mr John Boretsky, made the call during the just ended the Safari Operators Association of Zimbabwe annual general meeting held in Bulawayo last weekend.

    Mr Boretsky said despite the country having prime trophy, competent safari operators and competitive pricing, these factors were being overridden by the negative publicity that the country was receiving abroad.

    "You need to be on a mission to speak to every hunter, American or European or African, asking them if they know how good hunting is in Zimbabwe, and be ready to tell them what they are missing if they do not," Mr Boretsky said.

    Mr Boretsky said that the operators have to be innovative and utilise all the available resources at their disposal such as the information communication technology as well as attending international hunters' conventions to enhance exposure of their products.

    As an organisation, he said that they stood ready to avail their marketing machinery to local organisations to market Zimbabwe and their products.

    "Safari Club International can help. Don't always look to us for money, look to us for help and skills we offer," he said.

    Speaking at the same occasion Parks and Wildlife Management Authority's board chairman Mr George Pangeti who read a speech on behalf of Environment and Natural Resources Minister Francis Nhema, underscored the need for operators to conserve the country's natural resources as it anchors the country's tourism industry.

    He said as part of this initiative Government was implementing the wildlife based land reform programme that was conceived following widespread consultation with stakeholders.

    The programme, which is being administered by his ministry, seeks to ensure access by the majority to the country's wildlife resource as well as ensure conservation and sustainable use of wildlife for present and future generations.

    "Wildlife based land reform policy is a continuous learning process for all involved as all stakeholders continue to make suggestions that we as stakeholders discuss and decided weather to adopt or not," he said.

    In this regard he said that they were looking at incorporating foreign partners of local businesses on leased land held by their local partners.

    Meanwhile at least four operators received awards of excellence during the SOAZ AGM.

    Source: The Herald

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