March 20 SA Planned Protest.....

It's always a fun topic. Repeatedly.

Every trip I have taken to RSA I have encountered some kind of strike, protest or other action. (I drive myself and cover a lot of miles/kms) Never once have I felt unsafe.
I make a turn, go around the event and get on with my day.

You will be picked up by your PH and they have your safety in mind.

Enjoy your hunt and turn the damned news off.
Honestly, save yourself the bother.

2011 Garbage and Gas strikes. I was self driving around the countryside.
I ran into the garbage strike in some small town.
Main street covered in garbage, I turned left went over one block and drove around it.
Stopped for lunch and went on our way.
Gas strike, depended on the truck drivers. Bark worse than the bite on that one. Never affected us.


One of these mornings I stopped at Beavers Pies and the petrol station and noticed a pair of SAPS officers grabbing some breakfast and seemed to be in a hurry. I think these are the first Caucasian officers I have ever met in my time in RSA. Note worthy for this reason, at least to me.
I asked what the rush was about and got a mumbled answer.

As we headed west along the highway it became apparent that something bad had happened. There was a police road block. No big deal to me.

We were asked how far we were going and were then told that the road was blocked further up and you could not get to PE.
So, it was really a long way from where we were going to be.
Nothing more explained than you can not get through there is some kind of protest.

Being the curious little fellow I am I had to research this one on the net when I got back later that night.

I found this:
View attachment 151106

Apparently the folks in Kenton were not happy that the housing they were promised by some government headed by some fella named Mandela a few years back was not proceeding as promised.

Instead of protesting the local Housing Council office and chatting with them these folks decided to block the entire highway with burning tires.

Never made the news at home. Only got a small mention on the net and I had to look hard to find it.

At no time was I uncomfortable or in danger in any manner. Just some frustrated folks protesting against a government not acting on its promises.

No one else in the world can relate to that can you??

I have been through Soweto and had lunch with friends on the patio of a very nice shop and never felt uncomfortable.
I have breezed by "Alex" in Joburg, not stopping by for sure. Not a nice place to be. Stay out.

Hung out on the edge of Cape Townships "locations" for a week in a self cater. Zero issues. Well, one little fellow of five years of age asked me why I gave money to a blind man and not him. It made no sense to him.

Drove through the Nemato "location" in Port Alfred at night taking my charge home. Never lost, never bothered.

To answer your question: Yes there are farm assaults/attacks and murders. Is it likely affect your safari, not very likely.

I still go to New York and
"New York City homicide rate for 2015 tops last year’s tally, data shows"

Be prudent, listen to your PH and go have some fun.
I read News24
Expanding upon @BRICKBURN 's posts, "strrruuuck" (try saying it in a South African accent) is a South African national pastime. What's so special about it is that it comes up at any time of the year, with no limits to frequency. You truly never know what you're going to get at any given moment, and this makes it an especially sought-after event for residents and foreigners alike.
There might be varied opinions on this one but you can have a look at news24 South Africa. We have better news channels although I’m not sure how much Afrikaans you’ve picked up on.
What do you recommend for the Afrikaans speaker? I am not great yet, but am having weekly lessons
We had a passport control strike last year. Great fun.

Always fun.

I thought the South African garbage strike of 2011 was fun the Parisians have that beat all to hell today.
I was able to get the article to print out as a PDF. I have attached it.
Thank you. So little "real" info about anything here these days. Also a thank you to all our SA members who replied here. I know mostly the feeling is that this is Africa and it will not change and nothing will come of another demonstration. Look forward to hearing from them on Tuesday with after action reports.
Without divulging information but, clients need not fear anything into our area.
Last year the comrades blocked the highway in Mpumalanga, but our PH knew the back roads :A Wink:
Last year the comrades blocked the highway in Mpumalanga, but our PH knew the back roads :A Wink:
Anytime I hear the term "comrades" now, I just burst out of laughing. Only the ANC could turn a popular (and albeit highly outdated) catchphrase into something unintentionally humorous and derogatory against them. Comedic geniuses.
GOOD THING that the World rallied against the Racist Apartheid Govt of RSA!
Everything is so much more advanced, culturally enriched, peaceful, and prosperous for both races ever since the indigenous-rightful owners of RSA have taken over....and another shining example is the thriving country of Zimbabwe, freed by "colonialism" and evil whites in 1980

.......... the indigenous-rightful owners of RSA have taken over............
Let me know when the original owners show up to make a claim.
Let me know when the original owners show up to make a claim.
Exactly. To the best of my knowledge, RSA was pretty much uninhabited when the first white explorers arrive, but of course to the left, the entire continent of Africa belongs to people with Black skin.

And those same people with black skin, who were essentially living in the Iron Age when those white explorers landed in RSA, SOMEHOW built the Pyramids in Egypt 4,000 years ago

What strange times we are living in…
Agree. I was there last when they had just arrested their president. Big protests but I always felt completely safe
With my above posts in mind, please don’t get me wrong.
I wouldn’t hesitate to hunt RSA for a second, as long as my PH said that it was safe…my comments reflect my thoughts on politics-the past in RSA, and not my willingness to hunt there

Thanks for rea

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