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I am considering the purchase of a rifle with factory original Mag-na-port slots in the muzzle. It is a Mauser 03 in .416 Rem Mag,. Less recoil and muzzle flip would be a benefit, but I strongly dislike any increase in muzzle blast and have removed any muzzle brakes that were installed on my hard kicking rifles in the past. I'd rather deal with recoil than the increased ear damaging noise. I only shoot while wearing muffs or plugs but still notice the difference with braked rifles, and bystanders may not be wearing protection. In addition, this rifle will be used on Safari and many African PH's dislike muzzle brakes and ask clients not to show up with a rifle so equipped. So I need your advice. Does a rifle with Mag-na-port slots increase muzzle blast noticeably like a screw on brake does? Difference for the shooter and for the bystander? Your experience appreciated.
I currently have 2 rifles (375 H&H and 300 RUM) and 1 pistol (44 Mag) that are mag-na-ported. Because the ports are relatively small compared to the traditional breaks and not as many, I did not notice a large increase in the additional noise (There is some, but not a lot). I do like the reduced muzzle jump and there is a slight reduction in kick, but not a lot. I wish I would have used mag-na-port for my 338 Rem Mag vs. the muzzle break. I recommend them for the larger calibers.
Agree with Grady. Very small slits in the barrel. I have a M70 .300 HH maga ported by the previous owner. When I bought the rifle my intention was to have 2-2 1/2 inches cut off the muzzle and re-crown it. After taking it to the range, neither my son nor myself noticed a big difference in the blast. So I am happy with it. And on top of that it may be the most accurate rifle I I ain't touching it!!!
I shot a Bläser R8 with Magna-port in 8x68s while hunting for beceite ibex in Spain last January. After the hunt I told the PH I thought the gun would kick more. Then he showed me the barrel and I realized the gun was magna ported. As I forgot the ear plugs in the car I can say the blast didn’t bother me.
Had a 8mmag and 375 magna ported. Great for muzzle jump. Somewhat reduced recoil. Increased muzzle blast. Sold both. Only have a muzzle brake on my 416 for recoil but loud
This appears to be a novel brake without the blast. I'm sure the RCMP would take a dim view of it up here. Witt Machine makes them I have 2 of their clamp on brakes



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To answer your question, no.
Both my Magna- ported rifles had no increase in noise, but there was definite reduction of muzzle jump and a slight reduction in recoil.
I had a 270 WSM that was magnaported and there appeared to be a very sharp noise as a result. I did get comments from my hunting partners that it was loud. I have a 375 Wby that I got magnaported and cannot tell that it is any louder. One very good benefit is that there is significantly less muzzle jump. I can easily shoot the 375 on a bench with front sand bag and it will not jump off the bag unsupported. Before magnaporting you had to hold the fore end tightly. I do not think you will have any adverse issues with a magnaported 416.
I have had a number of rifles Mag-N-Ported and it really helps muzzle jump. I also helps recoil but not as much as a brake. Not much difference with noise. I have ported a 5.5lb 18" barrel 308win that was looking for airplanes after each shot and no does not flip up now. Recoil is reduced and not really any difference in noise. Same thing for an Ultra-Lite 30-06. My 338win mag is much more pleasant to shoot once ported and no noise difference. Also very happy with the Mag-N-Ported 7mmrem mag/300win mag/another 30-06 and 257R for my daughter when she was young.
I also have pistols that are ported and would not own a 44mag/454Casull or 500S&W without porting anymore.
My buddies have used a number of different brakes and all have been loud but reduce recoil. With them you need ear protection even when hunting.
I do not use ear protection when hunting with my rifles.
I have brakes on two 50bmg and you MUST use good ear protection and not be in the blast zone if you expect to hear the next day or not have a headache.

In short the Mag-N-Porting works well and does not cause more noise problems even when shooting at a crowded range. Unlike the muzzle brakes I see at the range even on smaller cartridge rifles. Never understood for the need of a brake on a 223/243 and such myself but do not(will not) shoot next to someone who is such a pansy as to have one on a small cartridge rifle. I also avoid them on larger rifles at the range.
But that is just me.
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"In short the Mag-N-Porting works well and does not cause more noise problems even when shooting at a crowded range."

I Disagree! Any kind of brake, including "Mag-N-Porting" :), deflects more gas thus noise to the rear and/or side and/or up .... by definition and simple physics. That, over time, has a much greater risk for causing other problems either to the shooter or bystander whether it be increased flinching in anticipation of getting hit with the "blast" wave or form hearing loss.

Just last week I was at the range shooting about 6 tables down from a "Mag-N-Ported" rifle and it was annoying and noticeable! Sometimes, if I recognize someone I know who has a braked rifle and have enough time, I'll turn around at the range gate and go have coffee until I figure the person is finished. I pity trackers and PHs who, because of their business have to put up with such in the field. If they say something about it either before or during the hunt they risk tips or business. As an individual without such restraints, I have the freedom to simply let my feelings be known or avoid the problem all together. I know this is not music to the ears of those who wish to remain in denial about brakes on rifles. I have mentioned my views to people with braked rifles at the range in the past and you'd have thought I'd insulted the person's first born.... good grief! No, it's not a second amendment issue- it is a lack of courtesy and respect to other shooters issue or a denial and arrogance issue.
Get on the line at a 600 or 1000 yard bench rest match where twelve or more shooters are shooting braked rifles as fast as they can and still shooting sub MOA, even down to three and four inch ten shot groups. Good grief this is 2018. Brakes are here to stay. It's called technological advancement. Quit your whining . If you can afford to go to hunt all over God's creation and own a magnaported blunderbuss you can afford to buy a good pair of noise canceling head sets for yourself, your PH and your trackers. That's what I did. God, the whiners sound like a bunch of snowflakes.
fourfive8--The mag-n-port does not direct gasses back. I does direct them up and somewhat to the side. Never had problems with other shooters or my PH/guides. As a matter of fact they have also used my rifles(ported and not) and commented that they shoot better and do not have the problems related to brakes. They also wear ear protection no matter what kind of rifle I shoot unless even with a can.
I would not port my rifles if it were legal for me to have a can on them. That would quiet and reduce recoil.

hogpotrol--If that was directed to me--I do not say anything if someone shows up at the range with a braked rife even though I find them on a 223/243 size cartridge stupid mostly. I will often stop shooting and just wait till they are done since I can and do go to the range often and since I am a member do not pay each time. I also RSO so I just do that while I wait for them to be done. My shooting does improve when the person next to me is not blasting in my ear(with ear muffs) and moving items on my bench. I do a lot of load testing for accuracy and over my chrono. The shock wave has been known to cause the chrono to not work properly. If not directed to me then forget this as a response to you and consider it just a general post.
@Divernhunter. Not directed at anyone particular and I agree, brakes on small caliber guns are of no value. Having said that, the AR 15s with flash supressors aren't exactly quiet either.
Then accept my apology and I agree that the flash hider is just a noise maker at the range. Then I remember when the Mattel toy came out and ended up killing a lot of GI's(and a few of my friends) in Nam before they did the band aide fixes on the poorly designed rifle to make it work better. Never was a great fan of it but support those that want to own them.
Hogpatrol, I posted a question asking whether mag na port was a good idea on a .416 used for hunting in the bush. Your reply was not on topic, was not helpful, it was very rude, and there was no reason to be calling other people names who have different opinions than you do. If you can't contribute in a polite and respectful manner, please keep your opinions about other people to yourself. I find this sort of behaviour way too often on public forums and I'm sick of it.
I don't see as magnaporting will increase the noise all that much. A brake is tremendously loud... don't get me wrong, it WILL increase noise a little. The way that all of these things work, the recoil energy you are saving has to go somewhere and some of it is converted to noise energy (the amplitude of the waves). But I think the issue that most of us have with brakes is not so much that we are "snowflakes" and can't deal with the extra noise ourselves.... it's that we try to be conscientious to others around us. I am not going to bring 15 sets of noise cancelling earmuffs everytime I want to go to the range to hand out to everyone who is going to be next to me. So I just learned to shoot my rifles without the brake on them and then I don't have to worry about it at the range or while hunting with others. Now.... If you have a shoulder injury or a detached retina, then by all means, brake the gun.

But my answer the OPs question is, I do not think it will increase noise as much as a brake does. But it will somewhat... a .416 unbraked isn't all that much louder than a .30/06 loaded heavily. It just kicks a lot more.
I know this is an old post but I read it and sit here with a WTF.

I get this is a hunting forum. I get the nostalgia of some of the rifles used. I just don't understand why everyone is living in at the turn of the 1900s.

I shoot a 6mm with a break that you must use hearing protection. This is on a 18.5# rifle, why because I can watch my impacts at 100 yards.

I don't get why people are so butt hurt over none traditional things... like if people did not move forward we would not have cars or airplanes.

I don't get it, we as individuals have the option of using current technology or something that was invented 100 years ago...

Why punish your body when you can do something to help you shoot better? Why risk a shot when you know with the proper equipment you can do better?

You are killing an animal at the end of the day, you should want to give yourself every advantage possible to give it a quick death.

Inline6---You are not much of a hunter I take it. Brakes on target rifles just tick off the guy next to you.
Brakes on hunting rifles can/will damage your hearing fast. Many times you do not have time to put on ear protection before you can shoot. If hunting with another they may not get ear protection on before you shoot.
Not butt-hurt and like some technology. I do Mag-N-Port my heavy kickers and that is much easier on the ears while reducing recoil and MUZZLE FLIP.
I do not risk any shot with out a brake. I have a brake on both of my 50bmg rifles. I am very careful about shooting them with someone near me. Only once when a jerk with a mag and brake thought it was funny to set up on the bench next to me and start blasting away did I set up and touch one off clearing his bench of all ammo and such. He was unhappy but the other people liked it.

You need to get a better understanding of hunting/firearms and more. PS with a name like inline6 you should not be talking about modern tech :)
I mag-na-ported a Browning sabot barrel years ago. Barrel flip was GREATLY reduced and accuracy improved. There was greater noise but not enough to make me think it was a bad decision. I bought a 458 Win and 375 H&H and they were Mag-an-ported too. I really didn’t notice that much increase in noise. It definitely helped with the barrel flip and staying on the target.

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