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Mar 24, 2016
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We just got back from our hunt in South Africa. We flew Lufthansa both directions through Frankfurt and everything went well. I booked our flights directly from their website. After booking my wife called and added the rifle to my ticket they told her there was no extra charge for my gun as it would go as my second checked bag. The only fee they said would be charged was an $80 fee charged in South Africa. Upon arriving home there were NO fees charged anywhere ant the only thing I had to do was get a transit permit for Frankfurt which was around $30 us.
Hope y’all had a great trip. I’m curious to know specifically the route, layover lengths, airports, aircraft types & POE back stateside. Lufthansa is a good airline for the price, quality & service.
We flew United from Oregon to Denver and had a 9 hour layover there. When we booked the flight there was only a 3 hour layover but of course the can’t leave things alone and changed It. The only other option was a 1.5 hr and we didn’t want to cut it that close. We then flew to Frankfurt with a 11 hr layover which was good so we could go out on the town. We then flew to Johannesburg. On the return went back to Frankfurt with a 4 hr layover then an 11hr flight to San Francisco. We had a 4 hr lay over there and then a short flight to Eugene. Our bags were checked all the way through. All of the long haul flights were on the 747-8
Dang…San Francisco as POE? That’s brave, no problems? I wouldn’t have ever dreamed of such. I’m glad it worked out for y’all. Did you like the 747-8? I’m not sure how you could leave the airport if you had guns checked, if you could…I’d consider doing the same when I go next year. I am considering an alternative to avoid the dreaded 13 hr layover e route to JNB , but…if I could leave the airport, hmm, that may change things.
For Namibia last year it was different. I flew eurowings à subsidiaiey of lufthansa. They told me no charge for my rifle.
But at the airport in windhoek they charged me 250 euros just to come back to frankfurt. Just this leg. I tried to claim but Nada.

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