Looking for some help from our American friends across the pond....

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    Hi everyone and compliments of the season!

    I trust you all had a great Merry Christmas and a festive New Years Eve! :D

    Looking for a bit of assistance from our friends overseas....

    A few friends and I over here in South Africa are looking to get hold of some Tactical gear, namely vests and were wondering if perhaps anyone of you could help, or if you're coming over to SA in the next month or two, and wouldn't mind bringing a vest and some goodies over with you?

    We've identified a few goodies from Condor that we'd love to get - Condor Outdoor- Tactical Gear

    as well as a knife of two from spyderco and byrd.

    **Don't worry gents, the tac gear isn't illegal to posses here, it's just there isn't anything really on offer here, and looking for some items for 3-gun shoots. and although spyderco and byrd are available, we're paying exorbitant prices :( and they're a LOT more affordable overseas. especially in the states.

    If anyone could possibly help, or knows someone that could help, please let me know! :D would be very much appreciated! :icecream:

    Thanks again everyone!


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