Looking for any work in hunting industry-Will work for free

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    To whom it may concern.

    I am a 20 year old student looking for an opportunity to work for a safari/hunting company from about 20 November to 10 January.I have a decent knowledge of the bush,hunting,tracking,skinning,hide construction,animal habits etc.I am a able and willing worker and will do anything.I just want to learn more about the hunting industry and spend some time in the bush.I am more than willing to help in the maintenance of camps,hides or any other general duties.I am also a good driver with a valid South African drivers licence.I have very good communication skills and am fluent in both afrikaans and english.I have previous experience in working on gamefarms and have also been hunting myself since a very young age(shot my first buck at 9 years old).I have a bit of experience in guiding gamedrives and telling customers more about the wildlife encountered.I am willing to work totally for free and will travel to any destination where I might find an opportunity.Please contact me on 0787988105 or email me at this address.

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    Henco van den Berg

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