Looking at doubles for my next Africa hunt, Krieghoff Classic 470NE ???

Thanks Mike, Yep I have a long pull so I sure it will take a spacer or two at the least. We are just starting our search so any other brands you guys like be cool to know as well.

What length of pull do you need? Just took in a lightly used Merkel 500 that has had a spacer put in between the pad & the wood for a LOP of 15 1/2". I am going to try and get pics and a full description within the next few days. $7750 delivered to your FFL Email if you want the description
Not sure if you've already made your decision but I just recently acquired that very gun. I got a good deal on a Grade 2 and I couldn't pass it up. I plan to use it next year for my Cape/Leopard hunt (though obviously not on the Leopard - I'll be using a 375 for that).

This was my very first DR and my first time shooting anything over 375. I've taken it out twice thus far. The first time was out to a 25 yard private range. The objective was just to just plain shoot the darn thing offhand and have fun. I just wanted to get a feel for the handling and recoil. It definitely lets you know it's there but the recoil isn't that bad. The only time it "bit" me was when I didn't shoulder it properly - instead of the using shoulder pocket I put it in the pocket created between the shoulder and the bicep. I felt that shot for the next few days. My conclusion was that if you shoulder it properly and roll with the recoil - it's all good. I just shot 24 shots but aside from that one, didn't have any issues with it and had a blast.

The second time (actually yesterday), I took it to a public range to check how well it regulated at 50 yards. I used a "stand up rest". I took some forum member's advice and set up a firm pillow on top of two milk crates that sat on top of the wood bench at the range. I weighed the crates down with a 25# bag of shot. It was suitable for open sights. I plan to reload mostly for practice rounds but I first wanted to see how factory ammo regulated. I shot a box of 500 Grain Federal Premium Barnes XXX FB. Unfortunately, I left the house in such a rush that I forgot to take my chrono. The first 12-14 or so shot were outside the black (using an NRA SR-1 100 yard target) and low. My two barrel spread was fairly significant at about 6-8" and not consistent. I was using a sub-six hold on the black. So I raised the hold and it was still low and spread out. I wasn't worried though because I knew it was the shooter! I had the original regulation target from Krieghoff so I knew that unless the previous owner really somehow messed this rifle up, the rifle was capable of sub-2" groups at 50 meters. I know I wasn't using the same load but it couldn't be THAT off. So after experimenting with my hold techniques I realized that I couldn't see the rear sight very well. I couldn't see the clean line on the top nor the vertical white line. So I really couldn't tell where the front bead was and hold that sight picture consistently. It was a combination of my aging eyes but mostly very low light. The range positions are covered and the contrast between being in the shade and shooting at the sun-lit target was too much for my eyes. So I had my son shine a flashlight on the rear sight while I shot the next 6-8 shots (not consecutively of course). WOW - that was the trick. The pair-groups were not only in the black at 50 yards but about only 2" close to each other and just about 3-4" under the X. Now that I know the issue, I still need to play with the sight picture a bit to get to center.

When I'm shooting the "money shot" on the cape, I'll presumably be 100% outdoors so the shade/sun thing hopefully won't be an issue - I HOPE! Worse case if I can't get a good sight picture, I'll switch to my scoped 375.

Let us know what you finally got!
Have not made the call yet but glad you put a report on your gun, sounds like shot very well, heck my old 56 year old eyes I will put a cheater on it my 1X4 VR Leupold on QD mounts, The K gun seems to be a good value the grade 2 is the one I am looking at as well.

Thanks sent ya a email Ken about the Merkel

Sent you a PM.
The ink is not dry on the wire paying for my first hunt and busy planning my next one :cool:

I been looking at a doubles to go with a ele/cape hunt, seems like all the PH's at Louis liked the 470NE, I hand load so know the issues with gun being regulated but what is you guys view of the Krieghoff Classic in the 470NE. There is a dealer in FLorida that has 10 2008 brand new ones in stock and sense my other 2 partners want one they are willing to deal.

I can handle the recoil, really like shooting Louis 458, nice big boom, plus I shot a 300 RUM all the time.

So let hear the pro and cons, I like the way it feels and they have a smith to help with the fit. The decocking seems to be a nice touch and I like that it cocks when you open and close it.


I would seriously look at the Heym. A step up but a very rugged rifle.

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