Looking at doubles for my next Africa hunt, Krieghoff Classic 470NE ???


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Dec 6, 2011
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The ink is not dry on the wire paying for my first hunt and busy planning my next one :cool:

I been looking at a doubles to go with a ele/cape hunt, seems like all the PH's at Louis liked the 470NE, I hand load so know the issues with gun being regulated but what is you guys view of the Krieghoff Classic in the 470NE. There is a dealer in FLorida that has 10 2008 brand new ones in stock and sense my other 2 partners want one they are willing to deal.

I can handle the recoil, really like shooting Louis 458, nice big boom, plus I shot a 300 RUM all the time.

So let hear the pro and cons, I like the way it feels and they have a smith to help with the fit. The decocking seems to be a nice touch and I like that it cocks when you open and close it.

I had one and loved it. It shot much better than I expected and recoil was very managable. I took my first elephant with it. Unfortunately my eye site has weakened over the years and I shoot only with a scope now. I sold it to a gentleman who had high hopes to put it to use on another elephant.
Short of handling/drooling over one at the Krieghoff booth at SCI in 2011, I've no experience with them or any other double for that matter. I would suggest you contact DUGABOY1, a member here who only occasionally posts. He has many years of experience with the double guns and I'm sure could answer your questions.

Other than that, I'd give a look at Butch Searcy's offerings in addition to the K-gun. He can make them as fancy as you want or you can keep the cost down with a more "working man's" double if there is such a thing.
The 470NE is a good round...i have not shot a Krieghoff however i have handled them and they seemed light. So i suggest that you check the weight out to see what they weigh.

Is Your dealer Hal D. who is the Krieghoff dealer for the area...and will take great care of you.
You are always dead on James lol, thanks and PP those are some sweet guns as well.

I own a Krieghoff in a 470 Nitro. It is accurate, it shoots a variety of loads well, it is solid, and well made. I like the weight and the balance and the recoil is mild.

Make certain at least the length of pull is correct. Too short of a stock will beat you up. Not having a custom fitted stock is one of is the disadvantages of buying an off the shelf rifle.

My K-Gun has been to Africa four times (three with me) and I have fired around 700 rounds through it. The kickspanner took some practice to get use to. Some guys hate it, I really like it.
Thanks Mike, Yep I have a long pull so I sure it will take a spacer or two at the least. We are just starting our search so any other brands you guys like be cool to know as well.
a fair amount to choose from these days. merkel, chapuis , verney-carron. ken at i think it is kebco who is a member of ah is the vc importe for the usa. i have looked them over a couple of times and like them a lot, and met ken and guillame verney-carron at sci this year in vegas. they were both very helpful, and i am sure if you got hold of ken he would try and work a deal out on 3 rifles.
+ 1 for V.C.

The guys at V.C are really good to deal with when it comes to personal requirements and they build a very nice double rifle.

As previously mentioned, i think in any caliber above .375 there are great practicle benfits to having the firearm custom stocked.

There are a great many relaible, well-built double rifles out there, Heym, V.C, Chapuis, Merkle, Kreighoff, Searcy etc varying in price brackets and offerings with different pros and cons.
Before buying, my suggestion would be for you to try and get to shoulder and try the fit of as many of the different brands as possible.

For most of us the purchase of a double is a once in a lifetime proposition and you want to get it right the first time !

Best of luck with your purchase.
Bigun, If and when I ever buy a double, Kreighoff and Merkel are the two I have narrowed it down to. There was a Blazer in 500NE on gunbroker for just under 9k, damn near bought that one, kinda glad I didn't, construction industry in my area slowed waaaayyy down. The guns are out there, and there are a lot of sites, agree with PHIL, pm DUGABOY1 seems to be a very knowledgeable chap. The 470 or the 500 are great thumpers.
I hear ya losing two of my helio customers that have construction companies ugh, thanks for all you guys help, this site is the best for quick lesson on hunting Africa and hard on my bank acct lol, My wife is like WHAT you only been back a week and you want a double and elephant. I blamed it on you guys hehehehe.
For a client carrying a rifle behind a PH and his tracker, the Kreighoff's safety system is a good option.
Take a look at the Heym, it s a great gun.

And yes, you can blame all of us when your wife starts asking questions :laughing:
Hey Bigun,
What kind of deal is he offering for buying three? Maybe we can get a "group" deal for AH members if a few more of us order with you at the same time??????
I check it out and let you know.
Hey Bigun,
What kind of deal is he offering for buying three? Maybe we can get a "group" deal for AH members if a few more of us order with you at the same time??????

Went to Dupont and handled the guns, great feel but like i figured little short for me so have to space it or change the pad, dang 38 sleeves. they will deal for cash but nothing crazy, I quess when you have Dupoint for the last name it is not that big deal you got 20 doubles 2008 on the rack.They had a used one that was WOW but gold I like in my pocket not on my guns, Mike you need that one and sell me your old one :cool:

So off to look at a couple others and think about getting custom fit, The decocking lever pretty cool, maybe their hearts will soften a tab. Trying to find a Merkle in stock in Fla now, if any knows a dealer that has them feel free.
Found a couple on Gunbroker.com that might suit your fancy (1)Krieghoff 470 NE Double Rifle, Single Trigger (2)Army & Navy .500 Express Double Rifle.... There are actually a lot of doubles on there for under 12k... Just trying to help you spend some money my freind:p
I have had a number of doubles. I like the K-gun--its a solid rifle. The 3-or 4 that I have shot have been accurate. The cocking lever on top takes a little to get use to, but I have been using Blaser products since about 1999 so not much change for me. The comb is high and straight on the K-gun, witch feels good to me but if you have a different build it may be uncomfortable. I shot a 375 flanged K-gun and loved it!!! I had a friends 500 that I re-loaded ammo for and really began to hate it--the triggers were really stiff and grainy. I think a Big 5 K-gun standard length of pull is around 14 3/4 so if you are around 5-10 'ish it should fit ok. If you can buy around 10K its a good buy--- if you want to look around then you can find one priced better from time to time. Heym is a great gun but start at around 15K for a clean one. Blaser--while not a bad gun is a little "funky" for my taste--can be had for around 7-9K. Dont discount Merkel's either. I shot a 450/400 merkel about a month ago--the stock was too short but man it was sweet!!!!!

Not to but into your business--Biggun--but see if they have the K-gun in one of the 450/400 models they brought in since 2010--and you will have a double that you will be happy for the long run...Its a hell of a round, light in recoil, hits hard, ammo is inexpensive compared to the 470/500, and you will use it for hogs, deer, and shooting water jugs, where the 470/500 will end up setting around..just my 2 cents

Do you need a double to hunt eiephant? No! But it does look cool.
Just a few selections I found this morning:

Solid gun in the caliber you were looking for:

Merkel Model 140-2 Safari .470 Nitro Express - Merkel Rifles

Excellent gun at a fair price--in a great caliber, but the guy is a dick to deal with:

MERKEL Model 140-2 450/400 CAL - Merkel Rifles

Real solid gun--Ken is a good chap to deal with too.

Verney-Carron SXS 450 Nitro - African Dangerous Game Safari Double Rifles

Solid gun--good price:

Krieghoff 470NE - Krieghoff Rifles

Dont know what your budget is but--this is a great English gun:

LANCASTER 450/400 NE- SIDELOCK EJE.- EXC. BORES- STOUT WOOD - English Sporting Rifles

Of love that lancaster, and if I did not have too many irons in the fire it would be in my safe. THe first double I bought was a english gun and I loved it--not the most accurate, and it was well worn, but it just felt good. I have own 4 other doubles and each one had there own soul.

If you want to discuss and cuss the pitfalls of buying a double biggun give me a pm and I'll give you my cell. THey are fun--but can empty your wallet.

Thanks 35 & 505, I think the K Gun is a pretty good value so leaning towards that, having a dealer 1.5 hour away is a plus. The gun I was looking at is under 12,000 has upgraded wood and lion and cape on the sides, it is not a full side lock. The fit is pretty good will have to lengthen the pull a tab but heck I do that on all stocks except my McMillians lol.

I sent ya a PM 505

Thanks again

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