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Dear AH Members

@Tally-Ho HUNTING SAFARIS and @LJ SAFARIS have decided to do a joint group hunt to give hunters the chance to hunt the Limpopo Province as well as the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa, and what better way to do it than doing it with two AH Sponsors and with some fellow AH hunters.
There are some T&C:
- We need a minimum of four hunters to make this hunt work.
-Dates available for this hunt is early September.
-We will attach discounted price lists that was put together specifically for this hunt.
-Arrival and departure days free of charge.

The total hunt will be 15 days 12 days hunting and 3 days travel.

Fly into Johannesburg, transfer to Tally-Ho
Hunt Tally-Ho for 6 days
Transfer back to airport, fly to Port Elizabeth transfer to LJ Safaris.
Hunt 6 days at LJ Safaris
Depart LJ Safaris, fly out of Port Elizabeth.

Total day fees for the hunt per hunter: 3600,00 US Dollars
Animals to be picked from attached price lists.
One day can be added at LJ Safaris for Deep sea fishing.

  • The package includes the following
  • Pick up and return to airport, by road (vehicle)
  • 7 nights accommodation , 6 full hunting days at each outfit.
  • All meals prepared by our permanent chef
  • All drinks, incl wine, beer, spirits etc
  • Services of a resident, licensed PH on 1/1 or 2/1 basis, as you request
  • Skinners, trackers, dogs for recovery of hunted animals
  • Raw/field prep of trophies and delivery to taxidermist of your choice
  • 6 days hunting, 1 arrival day and 1 departure day travelling
  • All taxes and permit fees
  • Use of 4x4 hunting vehicles
  • Daily laundry

  • The package excludes the following
  • Accommodation before or after the safari
  • Charter flights if required
  • Rental of weapons and cost of ammo if needed, $50/day incl ammo
  • Dipping, packaging or any processing of trophies
  • Shipping charges for your trophies to your own country
  • Any international or domestic flights

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  • LJ Safaris Price list.pdf
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  • Tally-Ho Price list.pdf
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I am excited about this joint effort
We believe its a great initiative and gives hunters a nice variety amd change of scenery

Looking forward
This looks like a great opportunity for a group that wants to experience alot of SA for reasonable $$. Get Limpopo and the EC all in one trip. And the flexibility to hunt what is available along the way.
Great package @LJ SAFARIS and @Tally-Ho HUNTING SAFARIS. You guys are thinking!
Man.. If this were for a trip for 2024 or 2025.. I'd be all over it!! I've never been to Africa and have the itch to go REALLY bad!!
Might want to reach out to them as there could be a good chance that the offer may be valid in '24 as well. (y)
Man.. If this were for a trip for 2024 or 2025.. I'd be all over it!! I've never been to Africa and have the itch to go REALLY bad!!
I've hunted with LJ Safaris twice and they do a nice job. I think this offer is a neat opportunity to see Limpopo and the Eastern Cape.
I've hunted with LJ Safaris twice and they do a nice job. I think this offer is a neat opportunity to see Limpopo and the Eastern Cape.
I bet they do!! I still have a lot of research to do.. First African Caliber rifle.. Taxidermy costs/options.. Wanting to get some hand made African goods to bring home..
Interesting. I have actually thought if I get back to South Africa I'd set up something like this, though a tad longer. My thought is two five to seven day hunts with two different outfitters in different areas. Add some time in between to tour a park, etc. And no, sorry gents it won't be me this go around. My plate is full for the next couple years. But I sincerely hope this works out well for all.
I've done something similar 3 times and used LJ Safaris on two of the 3, pairing with another outfit in the Eastern Cape. It's fun to see new ground. This takes that to another level in that you see the Limpopo as well.
I'm now booked for buff with another site sponsor. Had this offer come out before Christmas, I may well have taken this one.

All the best to @LJ SAFARIS and @Tally-Ho HUNTING SAFARIS for coming up with this.
some typical limpopo animals
buf Apr 2013 (19).JPG


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happy to do this in 2024, if we get 4 guys committed obviously
I don’t know Juan of LJ Safaris but I know Stuart William and his PH Rudi Nel of Tally Ho Safaris. If Stuart is doing business with Juan, then he is good in my book.

I hunted with Tally Ho in 2021 and everything passed muster. In naval terms that means passed a stringent inspection. And when it comes to money for services the Marine in me comes out and “views most everyone in this world with a tolerant scorn”. Stuart, Rudi, and all their staff provided such an outstanding hunt and camp experience in 2021 that I took my wife and her sister’s family to Tally Ho in October, 2022.

Concerning this LJ and Tally Ho Safari combined offer, Stuart did something similar for me. Since I trust Stuart, I asked him to coordinate a CBL lion hunt for me in conjunction with a cull hunt at Tally Ho. Here are the two hunt reports:


Thank you Randy and Mark for the kind words. We really hope to get some AH members to book this hunt, it will be a fun experience for everyone involved, good variety of game to be hunted, massive variety in landscapes and scenery.
Hi All

The 2024 dates for this hunt will be 1 to 15 April, if we can get 4 hunters or more. Come experience what the Limpopo and Eastern Cape has to offer with some fellow AH members.
Hay all

That means2023 already discounted prices
Valid for this hunt in 2024!!!

Secure your spot soon

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I ran across a message from you a couple of years ago while I was going through old emails. I have arranged a second bison hunt in Nebraska in September 2024, about 6-years after the first, when my supply of bison meat was exhausted. My email is [redacted].
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