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Aug 17, 2011
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And why you should use my studio besides the high quality standard of our work.
We deliver mostly east and south and down the path of the Mississippi from Wisconsin and Minnesota south into east Texas and Oklahoma and to the entire East Coast to Floirda . We drive our own loads to clients. We go out about 1200-1500 miles on trips one way. We multi load safari's and group mounts or individual pieces and at prices you may not be aware of
My truck IS NOW on the road since Sunday morning and has been driving 6 different clients mounts to them
In our 20' trailer and pickup are these mounts where they are going and prices.
These are in fact about or near freight pricing that we can get thru out broker but without our crate building fees and insurance on the crate as we self insure with our truck trailer and drivers. Our delivery truck has now driven 68,000+ miles in the last 18 months delivering mount to clients.
This IS loaded professionally by myself and my helpers into one 20' trailer and our pickup.
This is a typical delivery trip...

First Stop Eastern Virginia :
Client #1
10’ life-size Brown bear
36 "by 74 “ 16 inch tall base
1 Roan Antelope Pedestals with base 24 by 24 36 high
Zebra rug
Cape Buffalo euro on panel
Bushbuck euro on panel
Wildebeest euro on panel
Puku euro on panel
Kudu euro on panel
6 flat african antelope skin rugs
Cost of our door to door delivery 500.00

Client #2
Also in Eastern Virginia
8' Brown bear rug
1 Roan Antelope Pedestals with base 24 by 24 36 high
Kudu euro on panel
Cape Buffalo euro on panel
Zebra rug
Cost of our door to door delivery 500.00

Client # 3
Delivery to Eastern South Carolina right on the coast
8’ Russian Brown Bear
and 32 by 64” 10 inch tall base
Cost of our our door to door delivery 500.00

Client #4
Delivery to Auburn Alabama, Mid state
2 Huge Red stag wall pedestal
I Fallow deer wall pedestal
Tahr and chamois double pedestal and 24 by 24 by 36” base
Cost four our door to door delivery 500.00

Client #5
Delivery to just outside Auburn Alabama
2 Kudu shoulder mounts
2 gemsbok shoulder mounts
1 Impala wall pedestal mount
2 Zebrarugs and various flat skins
Cost of our door to door delivery 500.00

Client #6
Delivery to Nashville Tennessee
Kudu pedestal with 24 by 24 by 24 base
Eland pedestal with 24 by 24 by 38 base
Waterbuck Pedestal with 24 by 24 by 24
Wildebeest wall pedestal shoulder mount
Red lechwe shoulder mount
Impala shoulder mount
Common Reedbuck shoulder mount
Nyala Shoulder mount
Gemsbok shoulder mount
Cost of door to door delivery 500.00

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