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May 14, 2009
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Lion Hunt Specials

I have been contacted by Louis van Bergen of Spiral Horn Safaris with several lion hunts up for offer. This is a great price for a hunt of a lifetime. Hunt for Lion will be in the Northwest Province. Upon completion of that hunt, there is the option to extend the hunt into the Limpopo province for plains game. This is an excellent opportunity to hunt a member of the big five and combine it with a plains game hunt. Additional hunting days can be added if desired and observers are welcome for a small additional fee.


1. 5 day Lion Hunt - $18,000 - Spot and Stalk a mature male lion in the Northwest Province of South Africa. All inclusive hunt with airport pickup and drop off, CITES documents, and all amenities of the hunt. Days can be added for plains game if desired. Observers are welcome at a reduced rate.

2. 6 day hunt Lion Hunt plus plains game - $26,650 – The Lion will be fully mature and of the utmost trophy quality. The hunt will be combined with plains game to add to the overall experience. Rifle hunt for Lion but archery is available for plains game afterwards.

Trophy fees for animals below included:
One Mature Male Lion
One Wildebeest
One Warthog
One Impala

3. 5 day Lioness hunt - $8,500 – Experience the thrill of a big cat hunt at a fraction of the cost. Same area and level of service as the hunts above. Days can be added for plains game if desired. Observers are welcome at a reduced rate.

Daily Rates
Trophy fees as listed in offer.
Transport from JHB to hunt and back
Food, alcohol, all amenities of upscale camp

Other animals per current pricelist.
Animals shot, wounded and lost.

Please contact me via email, PM or telephone for more details.
Tom Addleman
Tom, is that correct?

The only difference I see between package 1 & 2 is one day and 8650.00 for a wildebeest, warthog & Impala.
To clarify,

The second offer with plains game is a much more magnificent trophy Lion. Therefor, it is a higher trophy fee.
How big is the area where each of these lions reside? Are there other lions i.e. a pride in the area?
How big is the area where each of these lions reside? Are there other lions i.e. a pride in the area?

Glad to see you are interested in this hunt. From what I have been told they are a top notch outfit. Sometimes I forget that other outfitters go on hunts also.
The lion is hunted on 20,000 acres on foot. There are only two males that are available for hunting. I figured someone in the business like yourself might already have a hunt available but if you are interested please feel free to PM me and we can put the hunt together.
How big is the area where each of these lions reside? Are there other lions i.e. a pride in the area?

I suppose that is why the guys in Zimbabwe charge between 1.6 and 2.1 times more because they hunt areas 2.8 times (56000 acres or 229 sq km) or even 14 times bigger (281000 acres or 1138 sq km), and spend 2.8 times more time hunting it (5 days x 2.8 = 14). I suppose they have to deal with other prides, males putting pressure on other males etc.
Hi Theov

Valid point I can’t argue the fact that wild lion hunts are in bigger area’s and in fact support it! There are operations up in Africa that spend a lot of time and money with their client to ensure they get their totally wild lion I have been on lion hunts in Zambia and really learnt a lot whilst being the, hunting down a cat on those large area’s is a skill for sure.

Bottom line a wild lion hunt is expensive and rightfully so, hunting lion in South Africa or Namibia gives others the opportunity to hunt lion for a better price but then you will have to make peace with the fact that there are fences it can defiantly be a very challenging hunt.

Both in my opinion are vital to keeping lion populations very healthy and in some way the captive bread lions are protecting the wild one from pouching as well as overhunting and trough that they help to ensure that there will always be wild lions around to hunt for the fortunate few.

Best Regards
Louis van Bergen
Hi guy’s I just wanted to add one more Lion package that we have for this year to Tom’s post this is a great opportunity for 2 friends to share in a hunt?

Lion Hunting Package with Spiral Horn Safaris

The hunt will take place in the North West province of South Africa and each of the lions will be hunted on 15 000 acres.

Option 1: $27 000

The package includes:
7x Hunting day’s accommodation for 1 hunter hunting 1 on 1 with their ph.
1x Lion Male
1x Lion Female

You are welcome to add a hunting partner to this hunting and split the two lions daily rate for extra hunter would be $250 per day?

The above rates include the following:

The full use of all facilities in the camp such as the swimming pool and satellite television
A daily laundry service is also available at no extra cost
Full catering: early morning coffee & rusks, brunch, snacks, dinner, all soft drinks and alcoholic beverages in moderation
Hunting: a fully licensed Professional Hunter, trackers, skinners, all camp staff, transport to and from blinds, picking up of trophies, field preparation of any game taken and transportation of trophies to shipping company
Transport by vehicle from Johannesburg International Airport
Trophy fees of animals bagged or wounded
All export and cities permitts

The above rates excludes the following:

Transport by vehicle between other Hunting Provinces
Taxidermy work and shipping of trophies to final destination
Rifle hire - per Rifle per day (includes ammunition)

Best Regards
Louis van Bergen
Last year, a friend of mine shot a lioness in that area, near Tosca.

I went along as an observer, and can assure you the hunt is very exciting, you follow the track on foot and try to see your quarry before she sees you. They are not tame pussicats, and the one he shot was quite large and old.

The area is fenced, but so large that we only saw the fence when we entered the concession.

And you can hear the lions roaring in the background, specially at night.

This year, if the economy allows me, it will be my turn.

I hope the economy does allow you your turn to hunt the King

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