LH Model 70 416 Listed On Cabelas Website Today

I don’t think Winchester made a LH 416 Rem, unless it came from the Custom Shop. My guess would be that this rifle is a re-barreled job from another caliber action, especially considering the stock and that rail thing in the front. I am as perplexed as the rest of y’all about the purpose that rail could serve.

I currently have a Winchester M70 LH 375 H&H action at the gunsmiths waiting to get a 416 Rem Mag barrel on it and it will be going into a LH safari express stock I got from @Nevada Mike last year.

There had been a M70 LH 416 Rem Mag on Gunbroker listed for 7k. It was from the custom shop. I actual went by and looked at that rifle in person and it was nice but not 7k nice. It never sold I don’t think. It has been relisted several different times.
I looked at it as well. I believe the rifle is overvalued by the seller. I have a left hand model 70 super express in 375.
I think I will still be looking here and there for a LH 416 and pass on Cabellas
Cabelas never knows much about their used guns and usually don’t know how to price them, typically too high, then they drop the price over time.
My experience with Cabela's is that they will readily accept offers. Anyone interested might make a lower offer.
I put a small clamp-on rail on my Blaser 375. I put it there to mount a laser sight (I was dating a blind woman and had an extremely light 375 handload that worked well on deer)

It is also handy for mounting a light.
Actually I wonder if the rail is a Phil Shoemaker style set up for a rifle mounted flashlight for follow-up in low light? I am pretty sure Phil's rails are mounted into the forend of the rifle, but run parallel to the barrel. Phil's rail is not actually mounted into the barrel itself. Just speculating, I dont know for sure. But if that was the case it would indicate someone who knew what they were doing.

I borrowed the below image from SAFARIKIDD to illustrate:

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I just called and It’s sold As of this morning. I think the rail was a cobbled on add attached to the stock. Possibly for a flashlight mount? I hope somebody on here picked it up.
I should have Mr. Ugly in my hands Friday morning.

I will be working up some loads for my brother. Barnes TSX 400's and Speer 350's.

I will also dabble with some 400 grain powder coated rounds for practice and fun.

The 4895 twins, H4350 and Varget on the menu.

Wish my retina luck!!


Rifle started life as a left hand 7mm STW Classic Sporter in 1997 per Winchester.

Mcmillan has verified it is in one of their stocks.

Functions flawlessly.

Weight with Leupold VX-6 1x6 scope is 9 lbs 15 oz.

Hope it shoots.

i have a small rail on all my rifles, to attach a qd bipod in case i end up with a long shot. actually worked to perfection on a 470 yard prone shot on the noatak river (in Alaska) on a caribou. its the only time i used the bipod but im glad i had the option to use it.
Stock is a McMillan fiberglass stock.

Shoots sweet. A little snappy off the bench with Speer 350's at 2500 fps.

Very nice. Have you identified the scope, rings and mounts?

Thanks for sharing the information.
Very nice. Have you identified the scope, rings and mounts?

Thanks for sharing the information.
I bought the browning listed on cabelas. its at the house lol. leupold based and rings. Gonna chop it to 21” and replace the bases to set up for qd, and install open sights. my alaska brush gun
I saw this info in an earlier post about the scope and package weight:

"Weight with Leupold VX-6 1x6 scope is 9 lbs 15 oz."

So it has Leupold nonQD rings and bases. I surprised the bases don't overlap the ejection port. Very nice find.

I like that overall look so I'll have to think about that if I get another express action.

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