Leopard hunting over hounds in Zimbabwe... plus extras

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    We are offering 8 Leopard Hunting Safaris over hounds in Zimbabwe this season, all conducted in association with reputable Operators guaranteeing quality services and facilities.

    Total package 22 800 USD

    The 14 day Safari includes:
    *1 trophy male Leopard hunted fair chase on private property.
    *plus either 1 trophy Bushpig hunted over hounds for a full day or a full bag Guineafowl shot over Gundogs over 1 full day (season permitting).
    *All road transport from Polokwane Int. Airport (South Africa) to hunting areas in Zimbabwe, and return.
    *All accommodation, meals and drinks excluding spirits.
    *A pack of registered, expert hounds for Leopard, another for Bushpig and Gundogs.
    *PH, trackers, handlers and skinner.
    *Cites permit for Leopard.
    *Dip and Pack.
    *All trophy fees.

    Flights, extra excursions and gratuities are excluded.

    For a list of alternative animals including prices kindly send an enquiry to me by email.

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