Leopard Attack Zimbabwe

Guys, correct me if I'm wrong, but I would think that the reason a shotgun with buckshot is seen as an effective tool in these situations (although maybe it really isn't) is because it gives you the benefit of having multiple projectiles to fling at a small, fast moving target. Although I agree that slugs would have more knockdown power, they are just a single projectile and thus provide little margin for error. You may as well be using your big bore double or bolt then, no?

Ontario, the problem with the (shotgun) multiple projectiles is that in reality they are pretty small and lack the weight and velocity and very directed ...I dunno what to call it technically...force that a rifle bullet does. Hence their poor down range knock down /hitting power!
Frankly, if a leopard laid it claws and teeth into me, I'm not sure what I'd sound like, but it wouldn't be silence. I'd hope to be yelling AT it to try scaring it away, but then again I'd hope to have shot and stopped it before it reached that point at any rate. But I am mature enough and sufficiently experienced in having immediate threats to my life and witnessing others that I can't say exactly how I'd react. I know how I'd like to think I'd react, and there are certainly some things I would NOT do -- like freeze up the way that one cape buffalo hunter did when it charged and caught and was mauling his guide, which was shared in this forum as well, but I digress.

As spike.t has said, between the pathetic spelling and punctuation, not to mention the arrogant and presuming aires he puts on, I'm not going to get into a pissing contest with him. It would be unbecoming of me as an officer and a gentleman. Besides, as we often say in the military, "Never wrestle with a pigé¥ou get dirty and the pig likes it." Or better yet, "Never Argue With A Fool They Will Drag You Down To Their Level, Then Beat You With Experience!"
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LOL, I think it's funny. Just go to show what the results of inbreeding are.

And by the way I have served for ten years in military. And my grandfather fought in WWII.
richteb and Ilcapo....well said guys...we also had a war here and a lot of us served - I did. Young Chappy was too young for that (Martin too for that matter) but jeepers, people deal with sh*t in different ways. There WAS screaming and hysterically terrified men at Normandy and every other battle in history (just doesn't look so cool on a movie screen) Idiots have made a meal out of what was to show for the education of all how fast the cat moves ( have you timed the charge and estimated the distance?!)...already wounded...and the after effects of an attack. The bravery of the guys involved is NOT at question...they all stood and did what was necessary. Just like soldiers / firefighters / other men of service do.
Yup Rich...inbreeding indeed! If he got divorced, could he still call his ex 'cuz'?!
Guys, in the end I don't care what some moron thinks of me or my passion for hunting.

My opinion on this thread is that anyone willing to follow up(on foot ) one of those four legged chainsaws regardless if they are carrying a shotgun, double, M60 machine gun or whatever else has guts and my respect. End of story.
Speaking of the "knelling position", there is a youtube video floating around of a lion charge after a bad shot by the hunter. 4 PHs went in and the one who killed it at 10 feet went down on one knee (it was charging him,and they talked about that before they went in) and took the shot. He had a pair of big ones!
LOL! Ole Bally. Every time I hear (see) people like this yo yo, in my head I hear the opening chords of the song "dueling banjos." Talk about a red neck. Actually, I'll take that back. I know a lot of red necks who are decent people. He gives them a bad name.

And you're right. There was plenty of screaming at Normandy and elsewhere. I was at the WWII memorial when we had the opening ceremony a few years ago, and there was this WWII vet telling stories to a young college kid who was taping for a film he was making. One of the stories he told about was as his unit was crossing pontoon bridges set up to get them across a river as they approached Germany and they were ambushed. Arillery rounds came down, taking out the bridge and throwing people all over the place. He said some were blown off the bridge, while others jumped to escape the artillery. As he put it, they were all young kids, typically 18 to 20, and many were lying there with their guts hanging out crying out for their moms, while others screamed for help from the river.... they'd gone in to escape the artillery but couldn't swim with all the weight on their backs, and as they wrestled to escape from their packs they drowned. He said lots of them drowned that day.

I would hardly fault anyone, of any age, let alone kids like that for crying out. Gezuz! They're lives are about to be snuffed out. As I said, I've had close calls in my life, but the nature of those close calls were such I wasn't in physical pain. I wasn't shot. Nor was I in the midst of being mauled by a wild animal. I can't compare the things I experienced with these other events. In my case, I was in imminent danger of being shot, crushed by a collapsing ceiling, in another case, as a diver silted out in a cave I was lost a scared "_hitless", while in another I was experiencing virtigo as a new pilot and couldn't tell which way was up. All these experiences were scary as hell. Fortunately, I was able to remain calm and think my way out of them -- in the case of the collapsing ceiling it was simply by the grace of God the wreckage missed me (barely). But again, they were different. I still can't imagine, and hope never to experience, having a mad big cat lashing out at me.

I'm just glad the guy who was hit recovered. If he did hunt cats again, that shows he had plenty of courage. And learned a lesson too.
Yeah Ilcapo, I like rednecks...they just are what they are...no airs and graces! A lot of my former clientele were from Birmingham Al. and I loved those folks...they are kind generous and earthy people!
My late father went to WWII at the age of 16 and recently I was watching a documentary on History Channel where the film makers went to graveyards of WWII and investigated some gravestones inscriptions where it was clear that the people had been shot for desertion. On further investigation they ascertained that a majority of them were kids from as young as 14 to 18 who just couldn't take the shelling and death in the trenches. They had been 'press ganged' by the military in England and its colonies to 'go fight for the queen'. What was even more heart wrenching was the footage they showed from archives of men in asylums that were completely deranged from their time in the trenches.
It takes specially mentally equipped men (and women) to have the fortitude to handle warfare and calamity with calm and courage. I have seen soldiers and Officers alike fold and run and also seen the most unlikely of them stand up and face it all with valour! Heroism isn't just for the 'he man' characters!
Quite frankly if you're NOT afraid in these situations...you'll come very short soon enough. Being afraid (whether you show it or not!) heightens your senses and the adrenaline helps you achieve things you never thought were possible!
Chappy is out there hunting hard far as I know!
Cliffy, that kneeling position is the only way to pretty much ensure you're gonna shoot that cat in a charge! Time the charge and you'll see it's under 2 seconds! I always ask...how fast can you track that animal running toward you? Most guys will shoot over the top of him as they stop their rifle tracking to pull the trigger. Shotgunners do well in these situations but the best way is still down on one knee having him just getting bigger and bigger in the sight picture!! But yeah big ones and good training is what its all about!
Outstanding footage! Sure glad that fellow didn't get even worse....
Hi sesstopelman, having been in tight situations with humans, bravery is a subjective perspective. The thing you cannot afford to do is stop thinking; but then bravery is a coward that stays a couple of minutes longer after everybody with sense takes off. I agree with you 100% re outdooorsguy. If you've never been in a dangerous situation, don't critisize those who. You have to have been there.
Hey Cliffy, I saw that video. The guy that kneeled had real big whatsyuma call its. They played slow motion the secound time and you could see the impact of the bullet against the lion's forehead. It then slid along the ground and knocked the PH out of his kneeling position. Gutsy!!!
I've had similar service as yourself ILCAPO. And I agree with your comment 100%. By the way are you a member of the International Police Association?

No, I am not. I was only a police officer for several years. I had been a cadet for about five before that, but I had a change of heart and became a naval officer. I got halfway through my navy career and then Clinton butchered the forces. I was pushed like so many others in the navy reserve. But due to my 'special' skills I was recalled to active duty repeatedly to fill holes and wound up hitting my limit of 17 years active duty in 2008; 23 years total. The Navy won't allow you as a reservist to go more than 17 years, because when you hit 18, you get sanctuary which means they must allow you to finish 20 years, and then you can get an active duty retirement. I only get a reserve retirement, which means I have to wait until age 60 to get it. I'm on the civilian side of things in DoD now. Program management and acquisition. Office work mainly.
I spent 12 years in the Australian Army. I was crossed trained in about 8 other specialties, but there nothing worse thanbeing in a peace time army, so I left. Just after I was discharged the Defence Department decided that the forces needed revamping, so they got rid of a lot of people with great experience and then found that they were lacking the experienced people to move the forces forward. Sooo, they hired the people back on contract that they had gotten rid of. Now I work for the state government as a security officer. The money's good and the work easy. Now I am going ona hunt to SA. My first holiday ever in my 57 years. I feel like a kid in a candy store with $50 bucks. EXCITING!!!
Awesome. I was going to say, "It MUST pay well," but sounds more like you've been saving up for a long time. I'm trying to save up, but I've been doing a lot of work on my home. I was 45 when I bought my first hourse; going on 55 now. It's a townhouse, but fairly large and in a great location near Fort Belvoir, Virginia.

It's going to take another several years, but I am saving for a big bash vacation to SA with my wife, with a hunt, safari, and some touring. High on the list to see are Kruger, the Cape, and if we can manage it, up to the north of Zimbabwe to see the Victoria Falls. We went to Niagara Falls for vacation last year and it was very nice.
My Wife and I went without of a lot of things while the kids were growing up, so we decided to do it regardless of cost before we got too old. The house can wait a bit, but it's an older type dump that needs some serious work. A person once said to me, "Just one of the many rich scenes from the pagent of life."

We plan to visit some of the fine wineries in SA. My wife is a keen quilter and wants to check out some of the textile manufacturers. I'm trying to convince 35Bore and Diamondhitch to join me in Port Elizabeth for a couple of beers and talk bullshit. Don't know...it's what...about 20 hours flight time from the USA, I'm afraid their arms might get tired.
No holiday in 57 years?.... jesus thats a long haul. Go the trip man ...you're a long time dead they reckon!
Yes it is mate and I've paid for it. And I agree. I've already lined up a PH in SA. Nice bloke very obliging and I can't wait, but there's alittle bit of work to do and I don't bloody mind! I'm really looking forward to the whole experience. I have the lay the blame on you bastards in the forum. You blokes started this.

While I've got you mate. Which airline did you take to Africa? How did you go taking your firearms on board? I've got a hold of Customs and they've given me the info I need to Import/export my firearm & ammo, so I'm set there. What else do I need to take into consideration?

Any Aussies reading this post your info and assistance would be appreciated. Thanks All.
Yes it is mate and I've paid for it. And I agree. I've already lined up a PH in SA. Nice bloke very obliging and I can't wait, but there's alittle bit of work to do and I don't bloody mind! I'm really looking forward to the whole experience. I have the lay the blame on you bastards in the forum. You blokes started this.

While I've got you mate. Which airline did you take to Africa? How did you go taking your firearms on board? I've got a hold of Customs and they've given me the info I need to Import/export my firearm & ammo, so I'm set there. What else do I need to take into consideration?

Any Aussies reading this post your info and assistance would be appreciated. Thanks All.

LOL we have corrupted many and will continue to do so, we are a bad influence and I for one will not stop until at the very least we get Brickburn so hyped up he ends up in Ethiopia hunting Mountain Nyala with his kids inheritance!!!

I am a bit slow on the uptake today, it took me a minute to figure out why my arms would be tired! I prefer to effortlessly glide along on the breeze :cool:

57 years is a long time to wait for a vacation. I hope you are planning to take in as much as possible, once you are there it is relatively inexpensive to stay there and enjoy a few extra days sightseeing. If you have to wait another 57 years to go again you may be SOL, or at the very least so old, crabby and set in your ways no one will be able to stand to take you! LOL

I have flown SAA from Washington and they have no problems with guns as long as ammo and rifles are locked up separately, I dont know if they fly from Aus or not.
It's sad I know, but it's too late, I'm already old and crabby. My wife calls me L.O.B.(lecturious Old Bastard). What ever does she mean????
They are funny over here Diamondhitch about taking firearms on aircraft. Some will,some won't. I believe South African Airways has no problem with transporting firearms & ammo.

My PH has selected what I believe is a good selection of trophies for me to go after: Cape Kudu, Cape Springbuck,Impala,Duiker,Blue Wildebeest.

I don't know about the Duiker. I'm only taking 1 gun; a Ruger African in 9.3x62mm Mauser. Might be overgunned for the little critter, probbaly turn him into red mist...hee..hee.heeee. (One flash and your'e ash).

Got to get out to the range with some shooting sticks. Probably make my own. Probably just go for a bipod rather than a tripod setup. Whatdo you think Mate?

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