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The new Leica Throw Lever is a must-have tool to add to your Leica Magnus i - especially if you are going to driven hunts.

Thanks to its compact dimensions, generous field of view, and large 50mm objective lens, the Leica Magnus 1.8 - 12 x 50 i is the ideal riflescope for stalking, shooting from blinds, and mountain hunting.

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Leica Neoprene


Thanks to a specially tailored design, the Leica neoprene protective cover almost completely encases the riflescope to provide optimum protection. Made of windproof and weatherproof neoprene, the outer skin of the cover is particularly elastic and is extremely easy to attach and remove. An ingeniously integrated small loop makes the cover extremely easy to use, even when wearing gloves.


LEICA RIFLESCOPES - Always the better choice​


Enlarged exit pupil L-EP (Large Exit Pupil).
Built to last a lifetime​

The extra-large exit pupil of the Leica riflescopes offers the advantage that the eye of the hunter gets a larger movement range, so that hunters can identify their target fast and intuitively. A clear image to the edge facilitates immediate viewing. Thanks to the exclusive eyepiece design of the Leica riflescopes, the exit pupil is 50 % larger than in other riflescopes of its class at 1x magnification.


Seeing more with the W-FOW (Wide Field of View).
Better vision means safer targeting​

The wide-angle field of view of the Leica riflescopes offers hunters the greatest possible overview for a safe and ethical shot. It gives hunters more safety, especially at narrow forest aisles and in difficult terrain. Thanks to the unique Leica optical design with a special Barlow lens, the Leica riflescopes of the Fortis 6 and Magnus i range offer an unparalleled 44 m field of view at 1 x magnification (at 100 m).

The driven hunt season is in full swing. The Leica Throw Lever is a Must-Have for this time of the year.


The technical sophistication in every detail guarantees absolute reliability of the Leica Fortis 6 series even after years of use and underlines the values that Leica has represented for more than 100 years: product design focusing on essentials as well as mechanical and optical masterpieces of premium quality.


The rugged construction and mechanics of the Leica Fortis 6 ensure maximum resistance to shocks and guarantee safe operation in every hunting situation, whether you are stalking, on a driven hunt, or shooting from blinds.

When it comes to accuracy at a distance, long-range shooters can rely on the uncompromising technology of the new Leica PRS 5–30 x 56 i riflescope. Its generous magnification range of 5 x to 30 x offers a wide array of uses – at various distances and under the most difficult conditions.⠀


The binoculars of the Leica Trinovid-HD family stand for durability, state-of-the-art image performance, and ruggedness. Constant development has resulted in a new generation of Leica Trinovid-HD models, and like their predecessors, they offer outstanding colour fidelity, image sharpness, compact form, and low weight.⠀

The Leica Fortis 6 1–6 x 24i offers an astounding field of view for the crucial overview when hunting.


The outstanding recognition range of the Leica Calonox View is based on a high-end vanadium oxide (VOx) sensor with 640 x 512 pixels and 12 µm pixel size with excellent temperature resolution.


Binoculars and rangefinder – united in one product: Focusing on a handful of essential features makes the Geovid R models affordable for all who haven’t chosen a pair of rangefinding binoculars.

In combination with the innovative rapid reticle adjustment BDC, the Leica Fortis 6 proves its class at long-distance shots. The result: safe shots at all times!
The Leica Calonox View is a good companion for a dark winter night.

The high-quality feel of the functional elements of the Leica Amplus 6 ensures secure and flexible handling at the decisive moment.
I love Leica scopes. If only I could find some in Canada.

Discover our new Leica carrying straps. New colours and materials are available!


The full-rubber armouring of the Leica Trinovid guarantees perfect grip, secure handling, and makes viewing an unforgettable experience.

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