Leica Hunting USA - Show Schedule for 2020

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    The Leica Hunting USA team will be attending the following consumer shows in 2020. We invite you to come to our booth and see the latest innovative products from Leica.

    Please note: At the Dallas Safari Club convention a Leica technician will in the booth and will be able to do minor repairs, adjustments and cleaning of Leica products. Bring your Leica's and let us do a "tune up" for you!

    Dallas Safari Club - Booth 2700 - January 9 - 12 - Dallas, TX

    Wild Sheep Foundation -Booth 650 - January 16 - 18 - Reno, NV

    Safari Club International - Booth 301 - February 5 - 8 - Reno, NV

    Western Hunting and Conservation Expo - Booth 1644 - February 13 - 16 - Salt Lake City, UT

    We look forward to seeing you!

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    At what show will new product be formally announced?

    The whole Leica fanbase is awaiting the new Geovid rangefinding binoculars that connect via Bluetooth to your mobile device. It's the worst kept secret in the optics world.

    The good news, everyone is interested. I'd like to see them in person, just don't which show will have your new products announced?

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