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Indestructable Construction
Sturdy engineering guarantees extreme dependability
With their compact, rugged aluminium body and robust mechanical construction, the riflescopes in the Leica ER i series are safe and dependable companions in the field.


The riflescopes of this series have stood the test since 2009. We have continuously developed and adapted them to the needs and demands of sportsmen and women in the field and enhanced them with additional features. The wate- and dirt-repellent AquaDura® coating completes their solid construction, and nitrogen purging reliably prevents internal fogging. You can rely on the ER models - especially in poor weather conditions.

For every kind of rifle
The short eyepiece and the long tube provide plenty of latitude for precise mounting on every kind of rifle. A long eye relief of 10 cm makes them ideal for use with larger calibres.


The sophisticated construction allows individual mounting and perfect eye relief even with unusual rifles. With 10 cm the ER i features the longest eye relief in its class, providing additional safety. Thanks to their combination with solid and durable mechanisms and slim design, the riflescopes qualify as extraordinary and powerful hunting companions.

Ease of use and reliable focusing
All Leica reticle designs have been developed and tested by fieldsportsmen and are located in the second focal plane. An exceptionally long eye relief of 10 cm ensures your comfort.


The slim ER riflescopes are particulary well balanced on the rifle and they are notable for maximum resolution and outstanding contrast. The combination of a large, effective entrance pupil and high light transmission offers optimal conditions for use at night and in the hours approaching darkness. The bright illuminated dot with a fine, sensitive adjustment provides even more safety. The unique easy handling and the intelligent “automatic power on-off” complete the list of benefits of the ER riflescopes.

Leica ER LRS Range

Leica ER 6.5-26x56 LRS


Designed specifically for long range shooting, the new ER 6.5–26 x 56 LRS gives you exceptionally high levels of magnification, light transmission and contrast. In particular, minimal colour-fringing ensures that images seen through the scope are of the best optical quality, even at distance. Thanks to its finely tuned elevation tracking, users can achieve absolute precision when sighting in and setting the planned point of impact. What’s more, the ER 6.5–26 x 56 LRS has a large eye relief, making it safer for use with calibres required for longer-range shots.

Package includes riflescope caps for front lens and eyepiece, cleaning tissue
Front lens diameter 56 mm
Magnification 6,5x / 26x
Zoom 4x
Field of view at max. magnification (m/100 m) 4 ft/1.45 m
Field of view at min. magnification (m/100 m) 18 ft/5.5 m
Eye relief 3.9 in/100 mm
Exit pupil 0.08 – 0.34 in / 2.15– 8.55 mm
Parallax adjustable, 50 m to infinity
Diopter compensation –4/+3 dpt
Coating AquaDura® lens coating
Transmission >90%
Central tube diameter 30 mm
Impact point correction 1 click = 0.5 cm /100 m
120 x 70 cm
Front lens filter thread
Length 15.5 in / 395mm
Weight 21.5 oz / 610g
Waterproof 9.8 ft / 3m
Available reticles 4a, Ballistic, LRS
Reticle illumination
Automatic switch-off 3 min, ± 70°
Automatic switch-on yes, activated by position
and / or movement

Leica ER LRS Recticles
Even more precision for Leica Riflescopes

Thanks to Leica’s innovative projection technology, the illuminated dot in all Magnus reticles is extremely sharp and brilliant – free of any distracting excess illumination. The sensitive brightness control lets you choose how dim or bright you wish the illumination to be. So you always have an overview – and you can see all the important details even in adverse conditions. All Leica reticle designs have been developed and tested by field sportsmen, are located in the second focal plane and feature an intelligent auto on/off function. Riflescopes from the Magnus series can be ordered with an optional BDC bullet drop compensation system, and a new ballistics programme for BDC is available for download, guaranteeing precise shooting every time.

Leica recticle 4a LRS without illuminated dot (ER)


Crosshair thickness: 0.12 in /3 mm

Application: Classic 4a recticle with reduced crosshair thickness for optimal target detectability at long distances

Leica Magnum ballistic recticle without illuminated dot (ER)


Crosshair thickness: 0.12 in /3 mm Distance between vertical guidelines:

1.9 in /5 cm

Application: Ballistic recticle for aerodynamic, strong calibers as e.g. .300 WinMag, .338 Lapua Mag or .270 WSM

Leica Ballistic recticle without illuminated dot (ER)


Crosshair thickness: 0.12 in /3 mm

Distance between vertical guidelines: 3.9 in /10 cm

Application: Classic ballistic reticle for normal hunting calibers as .308 or .270 Win

BDC – Bullet drop compensator

The BDC lets you adjust the reticle to various shooting distances. Using the calibrations, the reticle can be set so that the exact impact point is guaranteed on the target. Elevation and lateral adjustment can also be corrected for. The BDC is easy to use and functions with absolute precision in all weather conditions.

Riflescopes from the Magnus series can be ordered with an optional BDC bullet drop compensation system, and a new ballistics programme for BDC is available for download, guaranteeing precise shooting every time.


Direct Dial
With a “direct dial ring”, Leica’s BDC works even more quickly and intuitively. Simply replace the standard engraved ring with a ring featuring range information, and start selecting the precise shooting distance. With 12 different rings to choose from, you can pick the best-fit one for your caliber and load.


Ballistics programme for Leica rapid reticle adjustment (BDC)
The Leica ballistics programme performs calculations for the Geovid HD-B (including download of data), the ballistic reticles of the Leica riflescopes as well as the rapid reticle adjustment (BDC) of the Leica riflescopes.

This allows the calculation of the target range for almost any kind of ammunition, taking into account many parameters relevant for hunting, such as sighting-in distance, the height of the sight line, temperature and height. For Leica riflescopes with ballistic reticle or rapid reticle adjustment (BDC) you can calculate and print tables for distance as well as click value. In addition, you can calculate individual ammunition loads for the programming of the Geovid HD-B and download the data on a microSD-card.


ER LRS Equipment
Making your Sport Optics outfit even more user-friendly

Rugged and reliable
The optional all-metal sunshade ensures a brilliant image even in intense sunlight. A second sunshade can be affixed via a second screw thread to increase its effectiveness in reducing stray light. The interior thread (1.93 in x 0.03 in/49 mm x 0.75 mm) can be used to attach special filters. Measuring 1.97 in/50 mm in length, the sunshade is anodised aluminium.


Leica Neopren Cover
For Magnus i and Visus i LW Riflescopes

Optimum protection

Thanks to a specially tailored design, the new Neoprene protective covers almost completely encase the riflescope to provide optimum protection. Made of windproof and weatherproof Neoprene, the outer skin of the covers is particularly elastic and is extremely easy to attach and remove. An ingeniously integrated small loop makes the covers extremely easy to use, even when wearing gloves. The covers are available in four different sizes and colors. All Leica Sport Optics Neoprene products are made in Germany in collaboration with Niggeloh, the manufacturer of premium hunting equipment with an outstanding reputation for exceptional quality.



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