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    Primal Instinct Safaris have the following Big Game packages available, due to the Rand/Dollar ratio and late season availabilities that arised:

    Outfitter : Primal Instinct Safaris
    Areas : NortWest and Limpopo Province, South Africa

    7 Day Bufallo Hunt : $ 9900 (up to 40")
    : $ 12000 (40 - 41") (Above 42" P.O.R.)
    : Buffalo Cows can be added for only $ 2800

    7 day Crocodile Hunt (Cites) : $ 9000

    7 day Lion Hunt (male)(Cites) : $ 13 000
    7 day Lioness Hunt(Cites) : $ 7600

    7 day Hippo Hunt(Cites) : $ 8110

    The above prices are inclusive of 7 nights accomodation, all meals , drinks in moderation , cleaning, laundry, skinner , tracker , hunting vehicle , transport to-from OT international Airport , trophy fee and Field prep of respective trophies, qualified PH. These packages are for ONE hunter.

    Packages excludes : Additional animals taken, additional hunters/observers, additional nights accomodation, additional recreational activities and trips, Taxidermy, dipping and packing/shipping of trophies, additional PH, rilfe hire and ammo. Own rifles welcome.

    Packages can be combined at discounted rates , P.O.R.
    If the animal on the package quote is not taken, the accomodation fee of $ 1610 will be payable, as well as the trophy fees for any other animals taken if the case.

    Aditional hunters/Nights will be charged at $230pp/night. Observers/non Hunters $180pp/night

    Additional Plainsgame can be hunted :

    Trophy rates :

    Baboon* $ 80
    Blesbuck (common) $ 350
    Blue Wildebeest (Trophy ) $ 800
    Blue Wildebeest (Management/Cull) $ 300 (Horns and skins can still be exported as trophies)
    Bushbuck $ 1200
    Bushpig $ 300 (bait included)
    Caracal* $ 500
    Duiker,common $ 200
    Eland (Cape) $ 2000
    Eland (Livingstone) $ 4500
    Gemsbuck $ 1200
    Hartebeest, Red $ 750
    Impala (trophy) $ 300
    Impala (Management / Cull) $ 100 (skins can still be exported)
    Jackal $ 80
    Kudu $ 1800
    Nyala $ 1800
    Porcupine* $ 50
    Reedbuck , Mountain $ 450
    Steenbok $ 250
    Warthog (trophy) $ 300
    Warthog (Management / Cull) $ 100 (tusk , if any can still be exported)
    Zebra, Burchell's $ 900

    The term 'Management or cull' refers to either female animals , or young males. These are excess animals that need to be taken off, and are still hunted in an exciting way, and can provide equally challenging hunting. The skins and horns can still be exported as tokens of the experience.

    Rifles can be hired if needed from the Outfitter, @ $50 p/day. Ammo @ $ 80 for 20 rounds.
    Hunters are welcome to bring their own rifles.
    We will welcome rifle , bow , muzzleloader and Crossbow hunters.
    We have constructed bow-blinds and mobile blinds.
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    Chris: Do you have a website? A Google search shows you have/use Facebook, but I don't and would like more information about your overall operation.
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    SCI , SA Hunters & Game Conservation Association
    South Africa , Tanzania ,
    Good day USAmedic

    I do not have a Website for the Hunting Outfit yet, in progress.
    I you can inbox me with an email adress I can Send you a brochure, I'm a Freelance Professional Hunter/ Outfitter who broker tailor-made Safaris, assisted by some bigger Outfitters in South Africa.
    Our Plainsgame hunting is mostly on a few concessions , in 2 areas, the Soutpansberg Region of Limpopo, and the Waterberg region of Limpopo. All that hunting is done on fenced Game Concervancies/Ranches.
    The Big Game is done in The Limpopo and Mpumalanga lowveld, also on Fenced Ranches, but still provides for some interresting and challenging hunting.
    I have been a proffesional Nature Guide & Game Ranger for the last 13 years, and spent most of my working time in the Kruger National Park area. This 13 years of intimate bush experience, coupled with me being a Licenced PH and Outfitter, ensures that prospective clients will be provided with not only spectacular hunting, but an added Nature experience conducted by a well-experienced Nature professional.

    Primal Instinct Safaris is a new venture, and we don't own our own properties, but we have arrangement to utilise a few camps for hunting purposes.
    Hopes this helps, and for any futher info, anyone is welcome to contact me also via email
    Best Regards

    Chris Erasmus
    Primal Instinct Safaris

    Kind Regards
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    buffalo, plains game and maybe lion


    We have four men for, preferably, May of 2014--three hunters, one observer [me]. The hunt should be from 10-14 days. Two or three of these hunters want buffalo and one, maybe a lion.

    I personally have lots of experience with Atherstone [used to own a share of the Conservancy], as well as Silent Valley and Dwaalboom [Herholdts]. I am a friend of Terry Herholdt and Hans Jeurisson at Silent Valley. I know that very good kudu, impala and warthog are available in this area. Please let me know what you can do for us.

    Ron Braithwaite

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