Large Plainsgame rifle cull hunt - South Africa

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    PHASA (Professional Hunters Association of South Africa)
    Dalerwa Ventures for Wildlife is offering rifle cull hunts on non trophy, large plainsgame. There are just a few of these hunts available and are for the rifle hunter that want to hunt large animals at an affordable price and do not necessarily want trophy animals.

    This Package Includes:
    10 x hunting days, all inclusive.
    3 x Blue Wildebeest
    2 x Warthog
    1 x Burchell's Zebra
    1 x Giraffe


    Our normal price on a similar hunt would be $11800

    On this hunt an observer, accompanying the hunter, can be added for $1500 for the 10 days.

    (All skins and trophies of animals hunted on this hunt can be taken by the client.)

    Extra Cull animals can be added as follows:
    Blue Wildebeest - $350 each
    Warthog - $250 each
    Burchell's Zebra - $750 each
    Giraffe - $1100 each (Special Bowhunting Permit Nessesary)

    These are all mature animals but all non trophy. It can be younger or non trophy adult males and young or old females. (Accept for the warthog and Zebra, that will depend on your luck. If a big one comes in, you can hunt it.)

    Trophy animals or hunting days can also be added according to our normal price list.

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    Swedish hunting association
    Sweden, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Tanzania, Mozambique, Spain, Austria, Germany and Canada
    Siegfried. Who can say no to offers like these ? Can you inform me a little more about hunting area/s.

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